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Diary of Hypno Band


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Hi all. I am Hayley and I am 26.
I started Hypno Band last week, so I thought I would start a diary.

Bit about me:- I have been dieting for 4 years with ww, sw and lighter life. Originally lost 2 stone with ww back in 07/08. Moved to Oz, put a stone back on. Came home 09, put another half stone back on.
Joined ww again. Lost a stone. Put back on.
Joined sw last year. Lost half stone.
Put back on.
Feb this year I decided to join lighter life. Lost 18 in 5 weeks. Felt brilliant but just couldn't sustain it, was constantly thinking about food and was doing anything for my mental wellbeing so gave up. Since Mid March I have gained 20lbs:mad:
I am now the heaviest I have ever been.
I have a cycle of starting highly motivated and then it wains to the point where I cba anymore.

I don't have issues with food really, I just love the taste. I also have no will power to resist something if its there.

Well, last few weeks I've been looking into Hypnotherapy.
And I went along last Thursday for my first appointment. I was skeptical. Didn't think it would work.
Discussed some of my issues with not always eating breakfast, then over compensating, quantity, etc.
Then came the hypnosis. I felt very relaxed but was listening to what she was saying the whole time. Had a little trouble with the mental pictures she asked me to do.

Day 1 - Friday

Worked today, so had a yoghurt and an alpen bar at work at 8am, lunch at half 1. Was really hungry. I had got a salad from morrisons that you pick yourself. With usual stuff and pasta and rice. Had a roll with it as well. To my surprise I couldn't finish it :eek::eek::eek:. Had mango for afters and couldn't finish that either. I was full. ( I hadn't even listened to the cd yet either)
Listened to the cd when I got home form work.
Again heard everything. Ended having tea later than intended. Made an Uncle Ben's 'chuck in the microwave' rice thing. Decided to stir fry it instead and added a slice of ham. Half way through, I was feeling full. Couldn't believe it. I did finish it as I didn't want to leave it. (Maybe need to address this in my next session)
Overall, fantastic day. I listened to the cd again that evening.

Day 2 - Saturday

Decided to have a day at home watching films with the oh. Had special k for late brekkie. A bit peckish 2 hours later so had a pack of skips. Tea was half a toad in the hole and a slice of toast and some spaghetti. No dessert :D I still felt hungry but didn't have anything.
I had a shower to distract myself and about 3 hours later i had a yoghurt. Listened to CD in morning.

Day 3 - Sunday

Started off ok. Didn't get the chance to listen to my cd as I went out early. I had a banana and a yoghurt for brek. Special K for lunch. We then went to meet friends for our usual sunday afternoon pool, chat and tea out. Well. I had bought some Hershey's on Mon and had saved one for my friend who liked it. Usually I prob would have given in and eaten it before today, but i hadn't.
My MALE friend said that he would share it. I joking said wow ( He usually eats a lot and stays skinny) 'I would eat it all'. He then said 'you would gobble it up. Seem to be doing that a lot recently.' WELL. That really upset me. (He didn't know it had) So I asked when have I done that. Reply the last time we went out for food. I corrected him as the last time we all went for a meal I had a burger and chips. No starter or dessert. AND I only ate the burger. My oh had my chips. Nice to know what he really thinks of me.
I became very quiet for the rest of the day (not like me at all) and wanted to cry. We went out for tea and I had chicken, bacon and cheese with bbq sauce and side salad. wasn't a massive amount of chips. Was full afterwards and when everyone else had a dessert, I didn't, I didn't actually want one, and I didn't have any of thiers.
So in your face friend.
I did have the feeling that the food was stuck in my stomach for ages. Weird.
I cried myself to sleep that night as i couldn't stop thinking about it.
Didn't listen to cd and overall bad day emotionally. Least I didn't emotionally eat.

Day 4 - Monday

Not a bad day today. Feel a bit better after yesterday. OH hasn't asked if I'm ok, so must be acting normally again. Phew.
Had special k for brek. Listened to cd in morning.
Lunch was a ham and cheese salad sandwich. But only had one, not two like usual :D.
Went to Asda and bought some food for the week. Didn't buy anything naughty.
For tea i had paella. Added some of my own prans and ham. Felt full 3/4 way through but finished it anyway. No dessert.
Again felt like it was sat there in my stomach.
Had some melon at supper. Shouldn't have eaten it cause again feeling of being sat there.

Day 5 - Tuesday

Brek was a prawn and ham salad, with a pitta bread. (I know weird brek but I work awkward hours and a small bowl of cereal is not enough till I get a break at work). Well, tea did not go well. Had a bbq chicken thing from Asda, and it wasn't nice. Too spicy and I couldn't eat it. Had some mango. There was however to cakes in the staff room. I haven't wanted any cake or chocolate all week. Even when I looked at it in the shop or pub. But they were there and I was hungry so ended up having a slice of both, choc fudge and victoria sponge. So disappointed in myself that I gave in after all of my progress this week. Grrrr.
Listen to my cd shortly as I have been at work.

Have my next session tomorrow morning.

Opinion of hypnosis - I was skeptical at first but was open to it and wanted it to work.
I think it has and it's only the first week, not even the band session yet. I am eating less, not snacking on the wrong things, eating slower, not eating choc or cakes (well until tonight), I haven't wanted them. And also my mind is more relaxed cause I'm not constantly thinking about food and at odds with myself about eating or not eating something.

Here's to week two :D:D:D:D No more lapses.
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Hi Halebob:)
sounds like you're doin pretty good considering you have just had 1 session, its not nice when a mates comment reduces you to tears, he probably had no idea he would upset you but the point is he did even though he thought he was being funny when he was really being insensitive.
I hope you can mention how it made you feel at your session tomorrow, good luck with it, i really hope it works for you:)


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I too am having my Hypno band fitted next wed!! I can't wait!!
Friends are strange sometimes aren't they?? Don't stress about other people! You are doing this for you to be healthier happier fitter and ultimately slimmer!! Stick to it and hope your first weight loss is good x


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S: 14st6.8lb C: 14st0.2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st6.6lb(3.25%)
Didn't realise I'd written so much. Opps

Week 2 Day 1

2nd session. Spoke about the week. Ups and downs. Then the hypnosis was about the 'pre-op' meeting the surgeon and discussing the surgery. Found it hard to picture this. Tried to focus and it worked a little. we shall see.
Rest of today - yoghurt for brek, walked 3 miles to town, met a friend for lunch and had a chicken and cheese panini and salad. Got burnt to a crisp (oops). had spag bol for tea and still felt hungry. a few hours later I had strawberries and a ww choc dessert on the top. Still felt hungry but tried to ignore it.
Think I may be dehydrated so will aim to drink a bit more.


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S: 14st6.8lb C: 14st0.2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st6.6lb(3.25%)
Been absent for a while

My laptop has been playing up but is no fixed :D

So where did I get to????

Week 2 - Days 2 and 3

Well I did 2 long days at work today. Made some good choices and some bad ones. Bad being the Krispy Kreme doughnuts I ate on fri at work. Because they were there :mad:.
Not much happened apart from that as I was so busy at work.

Week 2 - Day 4

Was knackered last night when I got home and went straight to bed.
I have lost 2lbs :D woohoo
Today I had a very busy day. Got up at 10. Parked in town and walked about 20 mins to South Pier to do a march down the prom for Sophie Lancaster and to stop discrimination. Walked back up to town. Had lunch with a friend, had a chicken, bacon, pineapple and cheese pannini. It was yummy.
The had to go home and make cupcakes as a birthday present for my friend. had to taste the frosting to make sure I added enough baileys to it. Didn't eat any at home. Showered, changed, makeup and off to my oh's to go to town for a night out. Drank quite a lot. About 8 vodka's and diet cokes and a few shots.
Now i was a silly girl and didn't eat any tea before I went out as I was still full from lunch. So I ended up having a kebab:mad:. Grrrr. I had been dancing a lot and it was very hot so may not have done too much damage.

Week 2 - Day 5

Today, no hangover :D. Sepcial K for brek. Went to the pub and played poola nd talked crap with my friends. Stuck to diet coke. Got a bit peckish so had some quavers and a couple of cadburys roses.
We went out for tea and I decided to have a chicken and bacon salad and a few onion rings. It was soooo nice and took me ages to eat it. Didn't eat anything else that day.

Week 2 - Day 6

Humm, ended up making cupcakes again today. And ate 3. I was experimenting with flavours.

Week 2 - Day 7

Went out for tea today for my grandad's birthday. Had a hoisin duck baguette. Was more like a gravy than hoisin sauce. Wasn't very nice and didn't eat it all. Wish I had ordered something else.
My friend and I walked to the cinema and back today. An hour each way :D.

This week has been a hit or a miss as to whether I am full quicker or not. Sometimes I have been hungry still but ignored it as much as possible.

Week 3 - Day 1

Had the 'op' today.
Finding it hard to put my focus in my stomach and 'feel' it tightening. Mostly went ok tho. Ate really well today I fasted before my session and then had went shopping. I was really hungry but I didn't pick up anyhting I shouldn't have :D. Had 2 Tesco sushi selsction things at lunch time; For tea I made a massive chicken and bacon salad with a mini wholemeal pita bread. (I think I'm a bit obsessed with chicken and bacon)
Had a yoghurt and some fruit later on.
Listened to the new cd once today. Didn't feel full very quickly with my tea.

Week 3 - Day 2

Had a lazy day today. Yoghurt and fruit for brekkie. Lunch was rest of chicken and bacon salad. Tea was baby potatoes in a herb and garlic butter with some low fat cream cheese. I went and met some friends from Uni and some of the new international students. I drove so only had diet coke. Was absolutley starving. It was at the point where I felt physically sick with it. But I didn't want to eat anything. Got home at midnight and went straight to bed feeling like crap.
Again, ate more than I should have been able to with the 'band'. Granted it was a salad and still a smaller portion than I used to eat. But still. I was so hoping this would work properly. Listened to cd twice today.

Week 3 - Day 3

Woke up and felt good about not eating anything last night. Feel fine today.
Decided to go to manchester to the imax cinema.
Had special k for brek and a yoghurt for lunch. Went to an all you can eat place for tea. It was amazing. I did overindulge quite a lot :( but it was lovely. Felt so full afterwards and couldn't stop burping (Sorry for the info). Could barely move. We are going there again in a few weeks time but no the novelty of the first time has passed i will eat more sensibly.
Didn't get the chance to listen to cd today. Just hope I haven't undone my psychological work I have done with my portion control.

Week 3 - Day 4

Lost 1lb. Happy with that after yesterdays feast. Today I am going to do some studying after saying I would do it all summer. oops.
Going to my friends house tonight. Going to be alcohol, tho I am not going to be drinking too much as I have to drive in the morning. And nibbles. I have bought some carrot sticks and mini wholemeal pita bread with some low fat dips. Just hope I can resist the other stuff there.
Will listen to my cd shortly and try to reinforce everything again on my head.

Well that was long.
I will bore you no more :D
S: 144.97kg C: 144.97kg G: 63.5kg BMI: 54.9 Loss: 0kg(0%)
good evening halebob!!

great to hear from you again, my internet has been rubbish lately so i havent been on too much either!!

So overall how do you feel the hypnoband has worked?? is it too early??

My appt got cancelled at the last minute and rearranged for next wed evening!!
im excited about it once again now, i understand its no miracle and i still need to work at it, but im hoping she will be able to get me over the feeling of 'waste not want not' or 'that is wasteful and a waste of money'. I hate eeing food go to waste (can you tell)!!

anyway as i said good to have you back, also I love blackpool!! and im also at uni what u studying???:D

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