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Diary to keep me on track

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by rainbow123, 23 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. rainbow123

    rainbow123 Full Member

    So I'm not actually a member of slimming world class as I don't have the money or time to go. I have the books though so going to follow on my own.
    I'm hoping keeping this diary will keep me on track.
    My main issues are snacks and alcohol so planning on keeping these to a minimum.

    I've done slimming world before and it does work as long as I stay on track ....... So here it goes?
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  3. rainbow123

    rainbow123 Full Member

    Thanks. Just got to stick to it ?
  4. rainbow123

    rainbow123 Full Member

    Breakfast - fat free natural yoghurt with banana Lunch - rocket and baby spinach with ham with light mayo Dinner - homemade beef stew and mash So far no snacks drinks only been tea and diet coke and water Reckon syns so far about six

    Healthy extras were skimmed milk and 2xalpen light bars.
    Last edited: 25 February 2014
  5. rainbow123

    rainbow123 Full Member

    Pretty much same as yesterday. B/F yoghurt and mandarin L ham salad with Mayo D beef stew with mash Snacks banana and Alpen light bars x 2 One large snack a jacks s/v Drinks tea one diet coke and water Might have a options hot chocolate So far syns 8
  6. rainbow123

    rainbow123 Full Member

    Yoghurt and banana for breakfast

    Ham and cheese (tiny amount) omelette with baby spinach and rocket little bit of mayo for lunch

    Tea haven't had yet but thinking something with rice.
  7. rainbow123

    rainbow123 Full Member

    Banana and yoghurt -breakfast
    Ham salad - lunch
    Baked potato with ham and Philadelphia - dinner

    Syns - light mayo, tiny but of butter on potato, pack if Worcester sauce popcorn 5 syns
    Having a rum and diet coke tonight.

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