Did anyone watch Diet Doctors tonight???


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They had a women on there and slated vlcd . She went on one (looked like lighterlife packs) and said her weight problem is worse now than ever. Thought it was an unfair view of these diets as she has yo yo dieted all her adult life and tried every diet. She said she went onto this diet and after a few days was hungry would eat and then struggle to continue on the diet. Surely if you follow the diet as you should after ketosis you wouldnt be hungry.

It also said that these type of diets slower your metabolism so when you finish them you put the weight back on quicker , does anyone know if this is correct???

you have to exercise as well .......it was biased as there was no mention of counselling ........when you start food you are monitored closely ,
i think as well that it's only natural that your metabolism lowers as you lose weight as before it would work harder to carry the additional weight
Hi jules, I didnt see this, but to be honest everyone is never going to agree that any particular diet is good....Isnt the key that NO diet will work if you dont follow the rules, and this woman obviously didnt!! Anyone who knows more feel free to correct me, but even with LL the point is to SS for 100 days....of course if you eat its going to make getting into ketosis harder, and defeats the purpose of what you are doing.

Different diets work for different people and I think the most important thing is to find what works for the individual and go with that....VLCD obviously didnt suit that woman!!
I think that was report was typical of that programme. They report on someone who has got other problems (tummy tuck last week) Yo yo dieter this week and somehow try to blame the diet and not the person.

Your metabolism will be at rock bottom during the abstinence stages of the diet, but if you stick to the management/maintenance program your metab levels will be brought back up to their base line. The LL program for example is 12 weeks worth of food intros, at the end of it we should be able to eat around 1500-1700 calories and maintain weight.
dont you love the way some people who do a diet and dont lose weight blame the diet, and take no responsibility for it, :rolleyes: i did ww didnt work but thats cos i ate too many points, sw didnt work i mixed the wrong foods, calorie counting didnt work cos im bad at maths heheh
Your metabolism does slow down, but will revert to normal again once you have followed the maintenance stage. An overweight person needs more energy just to power the body than a person at normal weight, so the metabolism will eventually adjust accordingly.

As a person who was among a 'guinea pig' group at our surgery for LT 8 years ago, I can honestly say that you may regain weight if you revert back to your old ways of eating, whether binging, overeating or whatever, but I never gained back ALL of what I lost. I have done LT three times now, original weight was 18st 11 (at my heaviest), got down to about 14, then stopped (why I don't know as I wasn't at goal), did it again a couple of years later and got down to 12 stone (regained about 12lbs over the following 2 years) and finally did it last year (April) and got down to 10st 10. I am now a couple of pounds over that, due mainly to health problems but I am following the SW diet and quite happy to have a slower weight loss as I am well within the healthy BMI range as I am 5' 8".

I can only say, with regard to this programme's report, that they did not portray VLCDs in a very good light, but this was based on only one person's perception of the diet - which was not followed correctly. We all know that they work if you stick to them, but if you abuse the diet, it will abuse you!
I saw it too and thought it was very biased and sensationalist. Any diet doesn't work if you don't follow it properly, and clearly the woman featured didn't.

It would have been fairer if they had a success story too to balance the overall piece. But then again, I suppose that would have detracted from the core message of this programme which seems to be "nothing will work except the diet doctors, so you had better buy our books asap!"

It would be interesting to get later updates on some of their guinea pigs to see if they all have 'happy endings'.
I saw it... and felt sorry for her... but it was shown in a really biased light... purely based on that one case!

Obviously she was unable to stick to the rules... so it is to be expected that she wasn't going to succeed!
It was a very one sided view, no mentioning of the CBT or the carefully planned Maintenace plan.
In an ideal world we would all like to lose weight by exercising and eating a healthy diet as YES it is the way with least inpact on the body and probably mind too, BUT BUT BUT we do not live in this idea; world , we have issues and hang up about food and for thoses of us who have tried every bloody doet in the book at least 5 times and got no where fast VCLD are the answer to our prayers, releasing us temporarily from the "ties which bind us" and at least giving us a chance to get off the starting blocks and into the race!! i have lost 5 st on LL and feel so good, i am trying to maintain and lose a few more if poss(lbs not stones !!) and it aint easy but at least i am not still carrying round a big bulk of fat that was slowly killing me, how can anyonesay thats a bad thing?? (unless of course they want to sell you a book or two??)
I saw it...they should have emphasised that VLCD should be stuck to rigidly. They didn't explain the physics (or whatever the technical term is) behind it. She just wasn't following the diet properly - but that wasn't explained.
It was one sided unfair and not a true portrayal of a VLCD!

I lost 6 stone altogether in 5 months and have lost 1 stone of that whilst back to food - BECAUSE I followed the programme and management to the letter!
I know I cannot eat like I used to - I am at peace with that and every day I make concious decisions to remain slim!
Lighterlife for me has addressed all my issues which led to eating and I am aware of them.
the CBT worked for me - I had a very talented counsellor [and still do as she encourages us to keep going to her despite her not making money out of us]
I didnt watch it for the simple reason I knew that it was going to slate vlcds.

When I get to target, and begin to eat again i cannot eat what i did before, I wasnt a binge eater at all, I just ate a lot of food that I didnt need.

I will look at my diet and will be carefull for the rest of my life, I wont eat butties and chips, pasties and sausage rolls every day, thats what got me to nearly 16 stone in the first place!!!!!

This is a life changing experience for me and I will stay at goal forever.

I am not a naturally slim person and will always have to work to maintain, but I will be happy and healthy and run around with my family.

I can really apprciate that this diet will not work for some, however, I would not put any diet down, what is right for one is not right for another, however I am passionate about VLVD's.

I dont think it is right to slate any diet as I for one needed to do a VLCD to have any chance of getting my weight off and for once in my life my goal is in site and I will get there, I have never managed to get there on any other diet, but I know peaple who have and Im so proud of them.


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Hi all!

I've just read all of ur posts and agree!!

dont you love the way some people who do a diet and dont lose weight blame the diet, and take no responsibility for it, :rolleyes: i did ww didnt work but thats cos i ate too many points, sw didnt work i mixed the wrong foods, calorie counting didnt work cos im bad at maths heheh
I love what u wrote - and it's true!! These diets don't fail us we fail ourselves by not following them!

On the programme she said she stuck to the packs and then had a binge and the next day had gained 7lbs - does she not realise that could happen because of the glycogen & water retention caused by carbs?????? I was screaming at the TV and hubby was looking at me like I was demented!
WW works, SW works, Calorie counting works and VLCDs work - IF U FOLLOW THEM PROPERLY!!!!!
I'm soo annoyed that they could portray VLCDs in this light. I have been a past serial restarer and have yo-yo dieted all of my life, then I found VLCDs. Yes, I've restarted this diet several times, but thats my own fault for not following it, not the diet industry itself. I have been on this diet for 4 1/2 weeks - it's working because I'm following the rules, there's no magic involved! I cannot believe that she's balming the diet for something that is clearly deep route within herself.

I really really hope that someone watching the programme (who has tried everything) and was about to try VLCD, hasn't been put off by it. They do work, the people on this site are living testament to this.

*and breathe!* lol

Much love, Chelle xx