did you have to pay a deposit ...


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to your LLC?

I had my info session last week and the LLC said there is a deposit to pay of one week's fees (which is paid back in week 15). Apparently, this is to cover the buying of a Swiss Ball and any other bits and pieces which are bought up-front.

If one doesn't get on with the programme for whatever reason, the deposit would be lost.

I am due to be moving house before Christmas, and out of the area, so would need to change LLC. If I do that, I'd lose my money. It's not a huge amount, but it does rankle slightly.

Is this the norm?
it is the norm to pay a deposit but i'm not sure on the policy if you switch counsellors???
sorry....maybe someone else knows????
it is a lot of money to lose if you switch - what about doing cd til the new year?
I didn't have to pay a deposit, and tbh that is the first time I have heard about it.

Why not ring the LL head office and ask their advice about you moving and what would happen in that situation?
Yeah i had to pay a deposit but no idea what happens if you chance LLC's - i agree with what someone else said call the HQ or just have a chat with your current LLC. Don't let this stop you doing the diet though cos it is BRILL!!
I never had to pay a deposit! It is also the first time I have heard of that?? Maybe you should speak to your counsellor? It may be different policies for them all?? X
I guess as they are self employed it's basically up to them - thought it may have been uniform though in line with some sort of policy from head office - i guess it's kinda like any other slimming club where you'd pay a joining fee and not get it back if you left - you wouldn't even ask for it!

if they are basing it on the fact that they have had to purchase materials then they have a point in asking for a deposit i suppose.....it may also strengthen your resolve to complete the programme - there's no way i'm stopping before my week of free packs!!!!
I didn't have to pay a deposit! I think its a bit harsh as its such an expensive programme anyway without running the risk of losing a week's money!
I never had to pay a deposit..... I can understand your councellor protecting her intrest but you should not have to pay anything up front and only pay for your food packs on a weekly basis.
I'd never heard of anyone paying a deposit up until now. I'm almost certain that this is not a LL policy but one your LLC has chosen for herself.

Although we all sign the commitment to complete the 100 days, there are a lot of people that drop out which can be a bit disappointing to the group, so I think it's quite a good idea and ensures that the person is completely committed to the programme.

Someone who has started but not completed foundation in the past can re join as a refresher and will be asked to pay a month in advance.

However, since you are changing counsellor half way through, I think you should discuss this with your current LLC so she is aware of it and you can arrange for the deposit to be returned early. If this doesn't work, I'd talk to LL head office directly.
I didnt have to pay a deposit????and I think at £66 per week why should you have to???? the balls cost peanuts!?
We had to pay for week 14 in advance, so we paid double first week.

You could email Lighter life and ask them about what happens when you change counsellor :)
Just to add, it does say in the paperwork that you are required to pay for week 14 in advance, something to do with them having to order the stuff in advance, like the excercise ball and pedometer and stuff.

It was a lot to fork out I must admit but to be honest I know I'm going to stick to it and I will be there at week 14 to claim my free week :D (especially now I've already paid for it :eek: :D)
I never had to pay a deposit either and to be honest I think thats a total rip off! I know you get it back but still.

I was a little annoyed with LL anyways because when I started it was at £46 and then it was changed to £66 and for us nothing really changed apart from the fancy packaging and the four packs, but essentially you were getting the same amount, just split into four and not three. Our class felt that those already on the programme should ahve been allowed to keep paying the existing price but obviously that didn't happen.
I didn't have to pay a deposit either but I would have paid the whole lot upfront if I needed to because I had reached the stage where I knew it was right for me :)