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Didn't realise i'd miss food quite so much....

Just sat in the Kitchen drinking my mushroom soup, crying over the fact I can't eat anything 'normal'. There are grapes, chopped carrots, cooked chicken etc all round the kitchen, which I could just pop in my mouth, but I'm sticking to it 100%.

I can't believe how much i'm missing chewing on real food, meat especially, and it's only day 5.

Oh well, hoping the feeling will pass!

I'm currently hiding in my room while the rest of the family are tucking into their massive and delicious dinner!!
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Blows doesn't it?


It sucks big time! We're a family of real foodies, and always cook proper food, from scratch and all enjoy real quality stuff - so obviously the processed packs are a far cry from fine dining!!
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To be honest the feeling does pass in the main, it's only occasionally I still feel that way - just see diet this for what it is as something you just have to do for a short amount of time, stick with it and you'll soon be able to have your life back just in moderation.
I found that walking the dog while the OH ate saved my sanity. You do have to really really want to lose the weight and be in the right place in your head to do a vlcd and thinking about what you can't have is not the right way to go, you need to be thinking positive - what you are "losing" instead of "missing out on" ie the weight - you should be getting into ketosis about now which should take away the hunger and cravings and hopefully that will help you. Good luck.
I'm not hungry, and I haven't been actively thinking about what I can't eat - I just hit a low today. Up until now i've found it really easy!

I think part of how I was feeling was that food is such a sociable part of life, and for the time i'm following this diet, I'm taking myself away from that. I know in the long run it'll be worth it, and i'm not going to give up on it just because of one low point!

I decided before I started I would rather be miserable for a couple of months and end up how I want to be, rather than constantly unhappy at being overweight.

Why doesn't life have a fast forward button?!!
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Oh Jenny i feel your pain. Today i struggled as well we had gone shopping at the mall and OH and DS had Kfc. I was hungry wanted to have a chicken breast and green salad but thought of the hard work i have put in, its been a month and have been good. I too cook from scratch and enjoy my food. I am getting strength from knowing that in a few months i will buy clothes from most shops not just yours, new look, george or sometimes evans. Hang in there chick x


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I understand your feelings completely. Although Exante has been a godsend to me it is very anti social and we as a family try to eat together and its hard to watch everyone one else tucking in when you only have your shake/bar/soup. We all have our low moments but when you can go and buy all those lovely ''normal'' sized clothes it will all have been worth it. Chin up and keep up the good work. xx
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You can do it hun. I picked up another tip from a diet, writing down 'the stakes' - what you are 'playing' for. It really helps to focus the mind when the chips are down.
Well I had a sneak on the scales this morning and it looked like after 5 full days I was 11lbs down already - That's the incentive I need!!

I've actually been a proper geek and written down how much I will weigh and when, based on the 1 stone a month that is claimed, so I look at that to keep reminding me why i'm doing it too.