Wishful shrinking


Wishful Shrinking
Its been a pretty rubbish year for me since I started a WW restart around a year ago. Not that weight watchers was bad but I've had a hideous period of ill health since last June with 9 separate hospital admissions for over 55 nights inside for severe breathing problems. I'm currently unable to work or to even take much exercise or get around the local supermarket without problems. How rubbish is that!

Between that and the constant steroid tablets I have to take, and the endless lists of other medicines I now have to be able to breathe my weight loss has gone nowhere at all. I'm so hungry on the high dose pred I can't be too bothered with counting calories and being permanently starving and so I'm trying paleo in the hope that low carb/high protein and fat will keep me feeling full and the fact I can eat something when I want to might help me stick to plan. I have a dairy allergy so paleo suits that too for me.

I can see this place is quiet but I've always loved minimins and keeping a food diary here might help me keep on track.

Today's food so far:

Breakfast - grilled tomato and mushroom, sliced avocado, scrambled egg and 3 pieces bacon.

Lunch - chicken breast, chopped apple and spring onion and radish in paleo mayo, lettuce wraps and cucumber and celery sticks. Pickled onion.
Hey Ariana,

I'll be interested to see how you get on with Paleo - I've tried it before and felt great (not sure why I didn't stick with it...maybe I'll try again?), I don't really know many people who eat this way as I think they find it a bit faddy. It may be worth checking out a few books I found really useful - The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, It Starts with Food by Dallas Hartwig and Nom Nom Paleo (cookbook, it's brilliant).

Good luck on your journey :)