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Diet advice please?

Hi everyone i have just found this page by mistake and having awful problems losing wait the intentions there but im useless at diets

My main problem is that im so fussy with food and when i go on a diet i manage a week or so and then i get so bored because of my fussiness lol and i have really wanted to try the Cambridge diet but my other problem is that i regularly get migraines, i have to eat regularly and not miss meals which is why i can't do a liquid diet which is a shame coz it would be easier for me not to have to think when i go to the kitchen! i am a chef so my hours are not good and neither is my eating plan can someone give me some advise please ? i don't have money to spend on gyms each week but im considering getting a power tonic or a nintendo wii as i have heard you can lose alot of weight on them, be grateful for any advise
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i can't advise you on the food side of things, as i am no good with food either, my weight loss have really slowed down.


I have heard the wii is a good thing, they have also brought a fitness mat thing out for the wii now as well, however i can't afford one of those so have started going on a dance mat for half an hour a night and that has helped a bit with my weight loss. at the end of the day any exercise (sp?) is better than nothing, right.
I'm managing to loose weight by calorie counting. I eat the same foods ( have lots of food intolerances so am restricted to what i can eat) just small portions. I am trying to eat the foods i would normally have as i wouldn't last a week on just salad, etc. I think determination has been the key for me. I found that writting down what i am eating helps so that i can see the areas where i am taking in too many calories. I have also set myself calorie limits for each meal, plus a little for a couple of snacks.
Exercise wise i try to fit in some walking. I try and go for a walk in my lunch break and sometimes another one in the evening. I also do a few stretches and jogging to some music at home to try and slowly get my fitness levels up.


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Have you looked at Slimming World? I too am fussy with food. I am a crap eater and this is the only plan that has EVER worked for me. There is so much food you can eat and you don't have to spend all your time reading food labels and weighing stuff


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I can recommend Weight Watchers! There is no food that you can't have (as long as you have it in moderation and within your points).

There are two ways of doing it now too - there's points or Core. I do Core which means that i get to eat three meals a day until I'm full which consist of healthy foods and I can snack on fresh fruit and veg throughout the day. I also get 21 treat points a week which go on wine or chocolate or whatever.

I really love it and would definitely give it a go!