diet and breast feeding? is it ok


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hi all
i had a baby girl 5 months ago and put on alot of weight i am about to start camb diet in a few days time but wasnt sure if its ok with breast feeding? im in two minds to switch my baby to totoal formula as im only feeding her in the mornings but do enjoy the time together before work, does anyone know if it will be ok to start the diet and continue breast feeding?
i need to lose 4 very anxious about starting the diet and not succeding as the other diets ive tried in the past, but am determined to loose weight as i have never been so big and my ankles are now starting to ache with the weight.
any help/advice will be much appreciated :wave_cry:
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i dont think you can do any food replacement vlcd whilst breast feeding, its really important that both you and baby are getting all the nutrients you need and breast feeding takes approx 500cals from you every day anyway. if i was you i would wait until after i had finished breast feeding. there is nothing stopping you eating well at the moment
good luck


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I have been breastfeeding for a year, and still my doctor won't allow me to do any drastic dieting. I am on 1500 calories a day and can even go to 1800. Whilst doing this I have been losing on average 3-4 lbs a week which I think is great. I know that losing weight is important to you, but surely you would agree that your baby is even more important than that, and that she gets all the right nutrients from you which she can only do if you are receiving them yourself. Take it easy and good luck!