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Diet Buddy Needed, Really Struggling To Stick To CD!


New Member
Hey everyone, i am new to this forum and really need some support. I have been trying to stick to sole source for a month now but i break it every night. I feel really crap and hate it when i break it but it''s like nothing motivates me anymore. I googled support on this diet and this forum came up and i read how supportive you all were with each other and it was comforting to see so many people here in the same problem as me.
I would love to find a diet buddy here or something as i am fed up with breaking it every night, i eat the worst things too when i do like chocolate and crisps (i have a real McCoys weakness!) and i sneak downstairs and eat pizza aswell :(
My desired weight loss goal is 10 kilos or to weigh 8.5 stones. Currently im 65 kilos and as i am really short it's not healthy for my bmi and im very unhappy with my weight. My cambridge dieter does give me lots of support but i still cant control those evening cravings of carbs and flapjacks lol and i find myself breaking at work too as i am a sales assistant and constantly walking around the shop, serving customers and then by lunchtime find myself ditching the porridge and heading straight to Marks & Spencers! :(
I've tried this diet before in November 2009 and i stuck to it for a month of complete sole source and became 57 kilos so then i went on holiday and ate like crazy and tried so many ways to lose weight since then but nothing worked, so i decided to return to the cambridge in May 2010 as i need fast weight loss for my sister's wedding in July but i have broken it every single day with junk food! PLEASE HELP! I would love a diet buddy or anything!
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Hey Mika

Good luck in your CD venture. SS can be tricky at times especially inthe early days ... just keep thinking of your goal and where you would be without it.

this forum is great too.
Welcome Mika x

Have you thought of trying to move up a plan? I am doing the 810 Plan and am just finishing my 2nd week and have found it easy. I didn`t even try SS as I know it isn`t the right plan for me.

You`re welcome to come chat on my diary but I`m afraid I mention food as I write a food diary and wouldn`t want that to put you off.

Good Luck Xx
hey im on week two of cd and was doing grand until yesterday when i binged on some chocolate due to severe pms, but on the other days when ive felt like caving in, i'd have a cup of peppermint tea instead, its really sweet and stops my suger cravings, i also started going for walks in the evening cause if i sit in front of the telly I get bored and want to eat lol!! best of luck x


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draw a line under it and start again, from now
ditch all that food that's bad for you at home (unless for other people too) and think about what you want from the diet, don't forget that it's a lot of money to potentially waste if you're snacking too.
There are lots of plans as ScaredSilence says, maybe talk to your CDC about a higher one!
You know you can do it, you did 4 weeks before, so set yourself a mini-challenge to beat yourself, and do at least 5 weeks this time!

We're here to help, and I know you can do it!



xPink Princess!x
heyyy i know how u felt i was like that struggled loads but now ive just bit my tounge and got on with it as the way i see it is im just wasting my own time my cdc's time and my hard earned MONEY on shakes that are not being used when im eating food :( its hard sweety but it can be done :)

if u want a buddy i dont mind :)
Hi Mika. I'm struggling at the moment too. I'm 5'2 and my goal weight is 8.7. We can be diet buddy's cos I really need to get back on track before I go on holiday. :)


New Member
Hey everyone thank you so much for all your replies and support! It means a lot! I got back on the wagon this morning on sole source and havent broken it yet and reading everyone's comments has really motivated me to not break it tonight! I think what i'm going to do is keep looking at this page and the support everyday and everytime i'm thinking of breaking it!
BeckyN you're right i'm going to itch the food or hide the junk that's in my house it realy would help and yeah it's a pricey diet too so i cant keep breaking it. Sacred Silence - im really bad at this i have tried other plans but when i taste food like chicken i just end up eating everything that is in sight lol and im not satisfied until i've gobbled up every piece of chocolate and crisps that's in our kitchen! So in a wierd way i find sole source works best for me.
Lalliali - Thanks i'd love to have a buddy and what you said about wasting my money and my cdc time has really stuck in my head and it's made me focus on why i need to stick to this and how unhappy i was that i even had to contact my counsellor in the first place to start this diet!
Diamond Princess - thanks, i'd love the support! I'm 5'1 and tired of being so overweight for my height, it really isnt a good look! Your holiday should really motivate you so just think of how much fun you're going to have and how good you will look in your bikini and the tasty food you can enjoy once you're there! Btw SacredSilence you're looking great in your pics, keep it up! and Natlou the peppermint tea sounds good i might try that this week so thanks!
I hope you all succeed and get to the weight you want to be, we all deserve to look and feel our best! Everytime i see celebs on telly like jennifer aniston or jennifer lopez etc i get sooo envious and i think they are all looking and feeling the best that they can be so why cant i? i want to reach my bmi healthy target and i want to be complimented on how good i look too and for friends and family to see that this diet is actually working as they are all skeptical of it not and i cant wait to prove them wrong!

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