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Diet Chef

Diet Chef box came this morning, so i am going to start the diet tomorrow. Here i go again :eek: another day another diet. Looking back over the years if i had lost weight in lbs rather tham £'s i would be a size 8 by now.
Anyway the meals look ok so i will see how it goes tomorrow and will let you boy's and girl's know what it tastes like and how my first day goes.
I really wish i could have stuck with the VLCD you all look great on it when i look at your pics,although i have tried the diets i just don't feel very well on them,so onwards and upwards with this diet (or downwards)!!!!!
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I had the cereal for breakfast and Pea and Ham soup for lunch it is really yummy.


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Wait til you try the meatballs - to die for!!

How long have you all been on this diet for, and have you lost much weight?


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I'm not on dietchef as such but you can get the "look what we found" products in Waitrose and I've seen a couple of the soups in Asda. (tho I don't know if that's just because it's a North East company and I live in the North East) I've tried quite a few of the meals and they're really nice!!

I live in the North East too :) the meals are from Consett, not far off me.


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The big Asda at the metro centre has some of the soups and the Tesco extra (KP)has the Granola and Nakd bars - don't know if that helps or not - if you maybe run out of something

On to my second day, everything is going great, i think that i need to fill up on veg a little more. Had a bit of a headache this morning when i got up, thats probs through lack of sugar. I am looking forward to lunch, Meatballs today.:D
Yum!! They're with big broadbean type thingys!!

Apart from the headaches are you finding it OK?

Yes Toots, couple of tablets and headache has gone, i had a load of veg with my lunch and i feel so full. I will see what the end of the week brings weight wise.
How's it going?

It's going great Toots, i am loving the food, the only soup that i don't like is the Beef and Tomato.
I weighed myself yesterday and have lost 3lb :) slow but sure, i will weigh myself again on Saturday, that will be my week of being on it. How are you doing, what diet are you on?
First time on Diet chef-this must work

Hello all

This is a first Time on the Diet chef, got my week pack on Tuesday and began on Wednesday. I must say am surprised on how good the food taste. So aim being positive and seeing how its goes.

I am currently 16.2lb.
in 2003 my Initially 18 stone weight started lighter light from lo st weight drastically weight in the13 stone which must had kick started my fertility got pregnant rose back up to 19 and half stone, i wasreally was eating for two !gave birth to my son Dec 2004,. and now trying to get the weight off, which as provem difficult since having my son because my stomach capacity increase due to the high levels of food I was eating. So since then I have failed on Cambridge, lighter life, weightwatcher and swimingworld

I figured out that it was not what I eat its the amount of food I eat which is the problem . Diet chef has taken that responsibility away from me, so I am hoping this will work. my husband just says " here we go again, just stop eating, its simple:mad:" . His only mad because I am now refusing to cook because I have my packs!
The food is really nice, my husband hasn't noticed that i am on ¨Another diet¨because we never eat at the same time as he comes in from work as i go out, and i work weekends. He might notice the weight loss, after 31 years of marriage he probs wont :rolleyes: It's like when i get my hair cut and i say what do you think all i get is it dosn't look any different MEN!!! :confused:
I'm giving CD another go but am going to eat the "look what we found" meals to maintain when I'm finished

Yey 6lb off in my first week, and it dosn't feel as though i am on a diet the food is so nice. What i have found is that all week i have had to keep visiting the toilet!!!

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