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Diet coke chicken

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Aoife165, 9 August 2012 Social URL.

  1. Aoife165

    Aoife165 Member

    Anyone tried the Slimming world diet coke chicken. made it this evening and it was lovely. everyone loved it. Doesnt sound nice but well worth a try. :D
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  3. peacelily

    peacelily Silver Member

    Yes very nice even though it's bizarre. Gave it to my OH but didn't tell him what it was till after he had eaten it cos knew he wouldn't eat it if he knew. As i thought he did said he wouldn't have eaten it if he'd known but thought it was tasty!
  4. Aoife165

    Aoife165 Member

    haha i did the same. got the same reaction from my little sister who doesnt like coke saying she wouldnt have eaten it if she knew but she loved it before she heard it was coke haha
  5. westendgirl

    westendgirl Member

    Can you please post the recipe on here. Thanks.
    I've also heard that you can replace the diet coke with any diet pop e.g. fanta zero etc, have you tried this?
  6. Aoife165

    Aoife165 Member

    Hey no ive just tried the coke one but there is a fanta orange one thats supposed to be like a sweet and sour sauce.

    You will need:
    4 x Chicken Breasts (chop if you wish)
    1 Can (330ml) Diet Coke
    2 Chopped Onions
    6 tbsp Passata
    Splash of Worcester Sauce

    Diet Coke Chicken (Slimming World) - YouTube
    this is the video i followed to make it.

    enjoy :D
  7. peacelily

    peacelily Silver Member

    You can also add extra bits in to bump up the superfree. I tend to make it a little different every time. Have added mushrooms and peppers and also added sweet corn (not sf) whatever takes your fancy and goes along with the plan you are on. If I'm doing a red day I won't include sweet corn.
  8. lollypop1985

    lollypop1985 Gold Member

    love diet coke chicken some people also boil bacon in diet coke
  9. Aoife165

    Aoife165 Member

    wow i dont know about boiling bacon in diet coke but will defo make the diet coke chicken again and add in some more veg.
  10. Loundy

    Loundy I

    Been doing slimming world since January and still haven't tried this! May give it a go this week. One question - will it mess up the pan I'm cooking it in??
  11. Aoife165

    Aoife165 Member

    just comes out like a usual stir fry type, ive had no problem with it messin up the pan i just washed it straight away.
  12. Loundy

    Loundy I

    Thanks! Its only cause I'll be using one of my mums pans and if I messed them up she would kill me!!
  13. Ber.x

    Ber.x Member

    Yumm, :) this sounds interesting.. I have heard a lot about it! So I am definetly going to give it a go! Thanks for the recipe! :) x
  14. westendgirl

    westendgirl Member

    Thanks for the recipe - I'll be making this later :)
  15. Pinknails2012

    Pinknails2012 Gold Member

    I made this and its really nice!
  16. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    Used the same sauce mix last night to make this......................

    Pete’s Diet Coke Pork

    Serves 2


    1 tbsp. Worcester sauce
    1x 330g can of Diet Coke
    1 tbsp. sweetener
    1 Cup of frozen peas (ff)
    2 Pork Lions (ff)
    4 Medium potatoes cut into wedges (ff)
    6 tbsp. passata (s) (sff)


    Put all the ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to the boil, reduce to a high simmer, stir from time to time until the sauce starts to thicken (can take up to 25-30 mins). In the meantime cook the pork lions in a griddle pan turning over from time to time until cooked, remove & place in an oven-proof dish with a wire rack inside. Pour the sauce on one side & place in a hot oven (180c) until the sauce is bubbling, remove from the oven, turn over and using the remaining sauce, coat the other side & return to the oven until done.
    In the meantime cut the potatoes into wedges, par-boil for 5 mins, remove, dry, spray with Fry Light & add your favourite seasoning and place in the hot oven for 25-30 mins.
    Place the peas in a small pan, pour boiling water over and cook for 5 mins only.
    When every item is cooked, plate up.

    Diet Coke Sauce (Small).JPG
  17. angwass

    angwass Full Member

    Yes I made the Diet Coke chicken and stupidly told my OH what was in it and he moaned and said 'well if i don't like it, i won't be eating it' and guess what???? He practically licked his plate clean and we have had it again since :)

    It's one of my favourites and i generally have any left overs for my lunch the next day. My next meal to try will be the fanta chicken as we love sweet and sour and generally buy a jar but it's generally quite high in syns x
  18. SarahLou84

    SarahLou84 Member

    I love Diet Coke Chicken - I started making it even before I started Slimming World! And my husband loves it too. I usually serve it with boiled rice and peas.
  19. curlywurly21

    curlywurly21 Silver Member

    Just made this and it was really good, loving the sw recipes....
  20. alexisemma31

    alexisemma31 Full Member

    The recipe I follow (I think I get it off here) includes some chinese 5 spice does noone else add this?
  21. curlywurly21

    curlywurly21 Silver Member

    We did, it was good.

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