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Diet coke chicken

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Fatty_no_more, 23 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    Yes i know it sounds weird but i just remembered i used to do it on ww and its LURVELY..... you have to try it to realise how yum it is!

    Ingrediants - Chicken, Diet coke and chinese mixed spice

    Chop up the chicken and brown the bits in a frying pan with frylight. Add a can of diet coke and a heaped teaspoon of chinese mixed spice and keep stirring and flippin over so that the "sauce" goes really sticky looking. The diet coke will sort of evaporte and leave this sticky thing.
    Just make sure you try and get the stickyness onto the chicken as much as poss and serve with sw chips and salad... may have to do this next week!!!
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  3. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    Oh yes I have heard of this before. I may have to try it!
  4. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Oooo this sounds gorgeous...will have to try this one out!
  5. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    it is its lovely!
  6. fluffycat09

    fluffycat09 Full Member


    Oh my goodness, that is so funnyl....:8855:
    I'm doing CD, so can't try it, but I think I have heard it all now..........
  7. UglyBetty

    UglyBetty Full Member

    Ohhh not sure it sounds that nice lol but i love chicken and i love diet coke so who knows!!
  8. Kealun

    Kealun Member

    I'm always on the look out for new recipies to try, so if nigella can cook her gammon in coke, why not cook chicken in it too lol.
  9. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    I've heard of something similar - I think its diet coke, tomato ketchup and garlic (sounds disgusting I know) and its like a bbq sauce.

    I will definetly give this a try sounds yummmm.....
  10. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Is the chinese mixed spice the same as five spice or is it a completely different thing?
  11. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    omg that sounds lovely and as its a ww recipe i can do it too.
    in fact its chinese new year on monday, do you think it would work with duck as well for a more oriental flavour?
  12. shannonbitzy

    shannonbitzy Full Member

    mmm ive heard of this before, is it definitely free or is it like the pasta sheet doritos debate?...LOL
  13. ronniejacobs

    ronniejacobs Gold Member

    sounds lovely
  14. Claire1981

    Claire1981 Is so very nearly there!

    im gna try this lol
  15. lwtblb

    lwtblb Silver Member

    OMG...I've heard it all now...I would never have thought to do this!!

    But then again, I wouldn't've thought to cook lots of other things, such as sweet & sour, sweet chilli.

    Maybe one day!!
  16. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    You may heard it all but trust me it works dont knock it till you have tried it!!!!!!
    And yes I used to do it with a tin of chopped tomatoes or ketchup aswell just depends on what you have in. But it tastes like sticky BBQ and its lush......
  17. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    also please can people post if they like it to show the people who are sceptical how nice it is?
  18. lwtblb

    lwtblb Silver Member

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude, just struggling to get my head around the ingredients!!

    I was laughing as I was typing, sometimes it's not actually what you say, but the way you say it & it was certainly not being said in an offencive way!!
  19. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    I think I will have to try this just out of curiosity! I'm sure it tastes great though!
  20. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    I made this for dinner tonight and I thought it was lovely. My hubby and 4 year old scoffed it too and when I asked if they would have it again, they said yes. So, another successful dinner thanks to fatty no more and minimins x :D
  21. mummy2beslim

    mummy2beslim taking one day at a time

    ooh will def try yhis next week :D

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