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Diet Coke

Hello, I should be starting exante tomorrow providing the postman smiles at me. anyway I was wondering since diet coke has pretty much no calories can I drink it as well as the required water? if other people are doing do they think its effecting the weight loss?
sharon xx
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diet coke still has citric acid in which is a no no however coke zero has malic acid and that wont take you out of ketosis...diet coke might knock you out but im sure people have drank diet coke and been fine. i have one can of coke zero whenever i fancy
thanks for that info xx
I avoided it all and stuck to water for the first couple of months but after that I have the occasional can of coke zero at home now and often drink diet coke on a night out.

No ill effects that I have noticed, weightloss has been fairly steady and have stayed in ketosis unless I've been on a food week or weekend.
Im not sure about coke
but i drink atleast 2l of Pepsi Max a day
and have had no weight loss slow down that i noticed
But youre calorie counting not doing a VLCD its totally different :confused:

this is good to know! as for pepsi max thats the pepsi version of coke zero isnt it?
But remember Stevie isnt doing a VLCD so diet coke wont impact his losses but if youre doing a VLCD where youre in ketosis then it will probably take you out of ketosis
be careful as pepsi max has citric acid in it which you should avoid however coke zero has no citric acid it has malic acid which is why it wont knock you out of ketosis.. neither should be drank on a regular basis in high volumes but as a treat coke zero will do no damage
Diet drinks bounce....


I heard that sweetener in diet drinks 'trick' your body so you feel you need more after you have some. Basically, you gear up for the sugar and it doesn't get delivered....and so on

Anyone know if this is true ?

Also I get a bit 'acidy' on diet drinks. Anything I can do about that ?

Thanks !
Diet Coke is a sugar-free soft drink. Diet Coke to use deadly sugar-substitute, aspartame. In reality, not just Coca-Cola, but all the major soft-drink. In order to understand the dangers of coke, is necessary understand the side effects of aspartame.

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