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Diet Coke

Deb G

Silver Member
We got our school out of speical measures yesterday after 18 months - a very emotional day for us all.

I'm in Week 2 (start week 3 tomorrow when Santa Tescos brings my lovely food tonight) and I have chosen NOT to reintroduce fizzy drinks because:

a) they're full of empty rubbish and chemicals
b) I've not missed them since Sept (I didn't drink them much anyway)
c) they always made me bloated....so what's the point

However, the Head took us all to the pub last night, and went to the bar. He said "I suppose you just want water do you?" And I said "NO - I'm pushing the boat out - get me a god-d*amn diet coke WITH ice and lemon."

Everyone gasped....

Anyway - I drank it. I'd always hated diet coke because I personally felt there was no real taste, so what was the point, but I have to say I REALLy enjoyed the flavour last night, especially with the lemon in it too.

However, as I haven't had caffeine since Sept it gave me quite a buzz!:D Yes - I was a little bloated, but it was rather enjoyable.

Anyway - I've decided that fizzy drinks STILL won't be part of my long term lifetime foodplan, but on the odd occasion when I go to the pub, I think I will choose to drink that when the mood takes me.

Only downside was, I dreamt I had put on 20lb overnight
, and I was cursing the diet coke!
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Happily pro pointing!
i never liked coke or diet coke so probably won't bother trying it, but I did get a bottle of diet ginger beer, which is really lovely, but I only have 1 glass a day if I have it at all. It is just nice to have another option. I never drank diet drinks before as I never liked artificial sweetener but I guess all those LL shakes got me used to it.
Enjoying my OJ in the mornings now thought.

Deb G

Silver Member
Yeah - funny why they put aspartame in CD and LL products then isn't it! Splenda (UK name for Sucrolose) is SOOOO much better!
I figure that if I keep my diet as close to 'nature' as possible I can't go wrong, e.g. avoid processed food where possible, in the long term choose whole grain carbs (still not allowed them at the mo!) and keep up the home cooking routine, I can't go far wrong. Strangely, I had this dream that I woke up and I was 90kg! It was horrifying! Glad I'm not the only one to experience this!

Deb G

Silver Member
Yeah - I'm trying to follow a more natural diet. I'm veggie and planning to live low-carb as a long term management plan, hence why I'm only re-introducing certain foods back into my life off the RTM lists each week.

However, the occasional (ie once a month) can of diet coke should be manageable for a little variety.

Just printed off a low-carb ratarouille recipe so I can make one with all my lovely cooked veggies next week. I'm always looking one week ahead - only entering week 3 tomorrow morning and already I've planned week 4!!!


Happily pro pointing!
I have had those dreams too, waking up size 20 again, I always panic myself awake and then realise my size 12 pyjamas would have split open like the incredible hulk if that had happened, and go back to sleep.

I am always well planned a week ahead.
I am doing weeks 4 & 5 next week and have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all planned out.
I have done the first 3 weeks straight, then I am doing week 4 & 5 next week, 6 & 7 the next and then the trigger weeks separately, it just makes things easier for when I go away in April to be nearly through this. I have a rough plan for each week already.
I do like to be in control :D

Deb G

Silver Member
Yes - but you don't you find that it is 'control' rather than 'obsession'? I feel SO much happier about eating now - and I really could do this for the rest of my life - I don't feel deprived even though we're not back on all the food groups again yet!


Happily pro pointing!
yes, I feel in control rather than obsessed by food
I am really enjoying this and can really see me staying with it for life too.
I can't imagine now going back to how things were.

Deb G

Silver Member
I only get obsessed on the first day of the new week when I had to adjust the times I am eating and what I am eating. I keep adding up and re-adding up to make sure I've allowed for my packs etc, and that I am not having too much. I work out I am eating about 650 cals which is about right for the stage we are at at present. To be honest, I don't know how I could eat more!! Each time I eat I am pleasantly satisfied (not full/not hungry) and I seem to be eating alot!!! This is what I had today:

Breakfast 5am - 100g Greek Yog, 100g Rasp, Straw & Blackberries
Break 10am - Choc Muffin (foodpack)
Lunch 1pm - Bar and Greek Yog with Jelly
Tea 5pm - Salad with cottage cheese and Quorn Fajitas
(If hungry will have a couple of strawbs dipped in Greek Yog as a snack)

From eating just 4 foodpacks a day, it seems HUGE!
Totally agree about the Diet Coke. Getting obsessed with keeping certain foods off the plan will only make us crave them. Laughed like a drain at the idea of the split pjs, by the way! Funnily enough, I often feel hungry, but then felt like that through the diet too. Very odd, but I just keep telling myself to stop moaning and that I'm not hungry! That seems to do it!

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