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Diet Diary

Hi new here :)

Im starting slimming world at home armed with an old SW guide book, a few magazines a whole lot of hope and more then a little bit of dispair!lol
diets never work for me, or i dont work with diets maybe?! ;) have tried rosemary connelly and weight watchers attending their meetings and every other diet in between.
I was at my heaviest, 21 stone when pregnant with my eldest child 10 years ago, all these years on and im still 17st 10lb.
Theres a hope of the wedding on the horizon and i dont want to be hating the camera as much on that day as i have done on every one previously :sigh:
my problem is with all the self lothing i have i just cant follow a diet i try so hard but within a month tops its gone.
well thats it really my intention is to keep a food/thoughts diary on here and give my self a visable account that i can refer back too. and pick up some hints tips and inspiration on the way, thanks and good luck to you all too xxx
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Monday 13th September (first offical day took me three days to get round to it)

Breakfast - Branflakes coffee 2 xtra light cheese triangles.

Chocolate cup cake 6.5 syns (i appriciate this dosent look good on the first day but at work a colleague jackie makes the most amazing cup cakes for a monday and you cant say no its the law in the office)

Lunch - huge salad pla fat free salad dressing & 4 xtra light cheese triangles.

1 yellow plum

Dinner: 2 eggs (fry light spray) large portion slimming world chips and baked beans.

Drinks : 4 coffes
2 Teas
1 coke
thought i did quite well feel good about yesterday, going to have a red day today.
Tuesday 13th September

Breakfast, Branflakes & coffee

Lunch: salad with 1 can tuna in brine drained & fat free dressing

fruit bowl - melon raspberries grapes

dinner 1 (-small helping at my mums to be polite) - cottage pie, lean mince small amount of mash - will count this as syns carrots sweede and green beans.

dinner 2 - (had to have this as had been looking forward to it) gammon steak lean trimmed of fat with mushrooms and red onion cooked with fry light spray)

6 laughing cow extra light triangles.

think thats going to be it for today ive ate lods, but mostly seems to have been free stuff, and personally considering it my first day of my comfort eating week aka period week and ive avoided chocolate and the wonderful bakery on the coner from work i think i can congratulate myself :)

Drinks 3 coffees
Diet coke
peach water
wednesday 14th September

branflakes coffee

3 hard boiled eggs

lunch pasta & xtra light mayo
4 boiled eggs & cucumber


dinner - 2 x tesco low fat orange yougharts & 8 xtra light cheese triangles.

drinks - coke - lots!
coffe x 4
1 water

knackered today full on day at work plus kids squabbles and house work happy with diet tho!
need to add a bowl of bran flasked too yesterdays entry!

wednesday 2 gammon steaklets coffee

2x tins of tuna
large salad

6 xtra light cheese spread


3 lamb chops (visable fat removed NB removing all visable fat from lamb chop results in no lamd chop, you left with a lamb ch )
large salad 2 poached eggs

fruit melon & grapes.

diet coke - loads
coffee x 4

brought a multipack bag of funzie chocolate buttons so i had an acceptle fix of xhoxolate to hand should i need one - buuutttt - managed to resist then even though i know their in the cupbord havent really fancied one so go me!! i see this as a achievement!lol

green day today
Friday 16th September

branflakes & Coffe

1 hard boiled egg

lunch large jacket potato salad and extra light mayo

3 xtra light cheese triangles

2 bottles of water
1 bottole of coke

whole can baked beans 3 egg muschroom omlette

2 coffees and about a pint of mile to drink over the course of the day plus 3 hard boiled eggs and strawberries, raspberries and grapes.

was the september fair in barnstaple today and i went with the kids and OH and managed to resist toffee apples and a double cheese burger, this is an achievement! had to stuff my self with the omlette and beans when i got home though!
forgive me dear god of diets for i have syned!!

day started well,

breakfast bran flakes & coffee
(made a mental note im going to have to start measuring my milk more accuratly as i have lots with coffee, although to be fair an extra pint of milk to today wouldnt have made a blind bit of difference!)


Tuna salad, tins of tuna in brine with some extra light mayo.


chicken kebab :/
had a sudden brainwave after id ordered to see if i could find a syn value for kebabs, i honestly thought on a red day it wouldnt be too bad, i mean its flame grilled up right for ffs! but not the case, also for furture referance i should have had a shish kabab as its less fatty - not that ill ever need a 'for future referance' referance tho..... ;)

ok so i did feel bad but i did (for the first time ever!) order extra salad and no sauce of any kind and left the pitta bread, but still i had one, and it was a large!lol)

ok then my OH decided he wasent coming over, which is fine but then i got bored so had a glass of wine, and a packet of hula hoops, and 2 packets of fun size buttons, because lets face it, one pack just isnt fun) and im almost positive that this may turn into a menage et toi of funsize buttons before the end of the night.

i dont know why, its been an intense day but not a bad one, just a lot of on the go, gymnastics for my youngest till 12 then home for lunch then two hours with their dad at a local contact centre 2-4 for the first time then home and house work bacuse it just builds up on the week lol
the access thing today was strange i supoose, but i dont think i felt really depressed about it, just odd it was just kind of surreal after all those years and three kids that this is what it had come too but i dont know if thats whats led to today binge or just that truly im a fat cow, and well in my defence it is saturday!!lol

so draw a line under today and start afresh in the morning, i chose monday as my weigh in for the specific reason of not going wild at the weekend so well see how i go, prob for the options of starvation tomorrw. although from the pattern i think maybe i loose more on a red day as i do weigh my self daily cant help it lol)

have decided im going to start writing the menu on here each morning so that i actually make the effort to plan the day and then i can see how i did in the evening.
today wasent too bad really had the ritual branflakes for breakfast then went too watch my son at rugby and missed lunch, but picked up some pre cooked and diced chicken breast to fill the gap.

snacks 6 cheese triangles, healthy extra.

dinner i did roast pork, and as on a red day i loaded up on the meat and tons of veg, i did have gravy ( made with the juice from the meat :( ) which im allowing as approx 9 sins (needed a lot of gravy for all that veg!)

also had a punnet of raspberries and a yellow plum.

drinks : 2 bottles of water, bottle of coke 2 teas, 2 coffees.

think thats about it for today tomorrow a greenday im planning on making a mushroom risotto for dinner will see how that goes!! ttfn ;)

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