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Diet Disaster at Camelot!!!


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Well title says it all really!!

Yesterday was Day 4 for me and as the children were off due to strike, it was also my nephews birthday we ended up going on an impromptu day out to Camelot. I didnt have any tetras so had my shake before we went and plenty of water throughout day and took a small white and green meal. Everything was going fine until about 3.30 when I started to feel awful, kept drinking water walking round still feeling funny and then.....I woke up in the first aid room at Camelot!!!!

Don't remember a thing but apparently I fainted and was out for about 2 mins, then fainted again!! They had me on a blood pressure monitor and it was very low and were on about calling an ambulance and trying to feed me mars bars!! I eventually came round enough to explain about my vlcd and the woman there just went ballistic at me!! Felt like a little kid!!

I had another chicken salad because she said I would have to eat something see if it helped or theyd cart me off the hospital!!

After the food I felt fineish and just carried on walking round slowly.

Now my dh is going mental saying I shouldnt be on a vlcd as got 3 kids to look after and active job and couls be doing myself damage!!

I have stuck to it since and Im feeling okay just worried it will happen again, anybody else experienced this, do you think its ok?

Sorry for long post!!

Le xxx
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Wow, that sounds scary! If I were you I would speak to your CDC ASAP and think about moving up to 810. If you have a busy job and lifestyle it might just be too little calories for your body to function.

I know we all prioritise weight loss but your health is the most important thing. X


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Omg so scary I hope your ok.

I have heard about this happening before, one of my friends who did the diet (and lost 9stone) it happened to her but I think you should defently speak to your cdc. It is healthy but obviously u need more calories to function.

How you feeling now? Hope your ok xx


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Thanks girls. I have spoken to CDC who said I might need to go up a plan, even if its just to ss+ so thats what I'm doing from now on!!

I feel fine today, a bit lethargic but okay!

I am worried about the effect it will have on my losses really. Also I am not having my 1st weigh in now until 9th July!! My cdc is away which I knew so bought 2 weeks worth but she was meant to be going until Monday so she said she could nip over and weigh me sunday evening but now she cant!! Really hope I can stick to it without a weigh in!!!

I have the packs and going to go and get some ss+ food after work so I am gonna give it my best!!

Thanks again xx
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i agree if you are busy you need to be on ss+ i have 2 kids and am active alot and my cdc moved me up quite quick even though i was having alot of ss+ meals before i actually went on it proper.
hope you are ok hun. i can see why your dh is concerned but i also know how important this will be to you. maybe the comprise of moving up will help.
Hope your feeling ok how scary!!
I'm on wk 2 and so far have lost 10 lb which is great. Up until today I have done so well but this morning woke up feeling extremely dizzy and light headed and as the day has gone on feeling sick and pretty terrible I have txt my CDC asking for advice but still no reply. Husband going mad at me telling to listen to my body and stop thinking about the weight loss as a priority. So I have ate a small piece of chicken and had a small glass of full sugar pepsi god felt stuffed on such little amount but hoping I pick up a bit.
I too am a full time working mum of 3 I'm now questioning is this too extreme for me and should I change my diet to healthy and exercise im sooo confused with what I want to do and what I should do :(


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I work full time and have two kids and two lots of elderly parents who need looking after. Like most I was light headed a lot in the early days but found it passed after a while. I also find (may only be psychological) that a bar helped if I was feeling squiffy jenx

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I think its very early days for you both. You are best to start at a normal time not an extra busy one, the first two weeks can be very up and down feeling tired , dizzy etc. Once ketosis kicks in its a different story so much energy you wonder where it came from, cant believe its from 3 shakes!
Keep in touch with your CDC as they will have more info.
Best of luck to you both, this is not the easiest of diets to start with!xx


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lovelyle, I am sorry you are feeling bad. Are you sure you are not dehydrated. I have had a hard time drinking the recommended amount of water at first but I am getting used to drinking a lot per day. What you decribed is how I felt in week 2 until I realized that I was dehydrated. I should have gotten the clue when my lips started to peel a lot about 2-3 days before I realized what was going on. I never really fainted but was on the verge. I had no energy. It took about a week to recover from that. I hope you can stick with this but ultimately you have to do what you think is best for you.

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Do ss+ I haven't noticed much difference in losses in fact some of my ss+ losses are better than ss. A friend of mine on cd is doing better on 1000 plan than ss. Jayne x


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Do consider 810 and 1000 plans. I've lost 8lbs in less than three weeks on 1000. OK, it's not as dramatically quick as SoleSource but it's still a good loss and it is a less extreme way. I was going to step down but I'm not sure now.
I have gone onto Ss+ after yesterday's feeling poo and I feel so much better can we exercise on ss+ ? I'm dying to do Zumba

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