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Diet making me feel quite unwell?

Hello everyone!!
I'm brand, spanking new to both Slimming World and this forum. Lovely to meet all you lovely ladies and chaps!! Very exciting! I've only just recently started the diet, but I'm really confused. I've been sitting at work today and have just felt really quite... almost lethargic, and found it difficult to focus and concentrate on anything. I'm not usually like this at all!

Is this normal for the first few days? Is it that the body needs to adjust and stuff, or what is going on? I'm hoping that in time eating healthy food and stuff would give me more energy and make me feel more up beat... am I expecting too much? -I wanted to go for a little walk today too, but I just couldn't bring myself to as I was feeling so tired.

I am about 12 1/2 stone.

Hope someone might be able to shed a bit of light!

Many thanks - Caramelle X X
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Welcome to minimins Caramellle :)

You may get more replies in the SW forum here, so I can move it if you like. Just say the word

Meanwhile, I'll have a stab ;)

Are you eating enough? You can have plenty on SW, but it can be tempting to think "diet...must cut right back".

Also, are you drinking enough? In this hotter weather you need more. It can really perk you up.

Could it be something non diet related?

I've noticed a lot of people are feeling weary at the mo regardless of whether they are dieting or not. It might just be a coincidence?
Hello, thank you so much for your reply! Maybe I'm not eating enough actually. Or I keep feeling hungry, but eating fruit just doesn't seem to help my feeling rubbish! I think it is diet related though. Maybe I need to give my body some time to adjust. And definitely read up on these forums, lots of good advice here :)

I should be most grateful if you could move my post to the SW forum please, thanks so much!!! :)

Caramelle X


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I think fruit is a strange one. Some people feel really satisfied with fruit. I never did. Always made me hungry.

Anyway, I know SW has much more to offer in the way of satisfying foods, so have moved your thread as asked, so you can get the support of SWers :)

Best of luck :)
hey girl, if your hungry eat somthing other than fruit! fruit is a snack, not to be confused with meals..

if your eating three big meals a day, with your recommend 1/3 of superfree food, using all your syns, and your he's then no, it wont be slimmingworld..

but i know from your discription what you mean, and i do get it.. usually if iv just had a muller and a cereal bar for breaky ina rush, by 11am i get all dizzy headed.. i find having a hot choc with a squirt of squirty cream, and 2 peices of fruit with my muller and cereal bar usually lasts me out (i dont have a break between breaky and lunch) and i feel much better.. xxx
Hi Caramelle and welcome. KD's right about fruit, it's very good for you and if it keeps you full then great but it doesn't for some. What I tend to do is eat the fruit/veg first for a snack but if after 30 mins or so I'm still hungry and can't wait for lunch have something a bit more substantial. Alpen light/fibre plus bars or whatever. This way I know I've done the healthy thing with the fruit so can feel angelic but then have something else on plan which works for me. I don't know if it's the ideal way but we all have to find what works for ourselves.

The heat probably isn't helping, I get really lethargic when it's hot but drinking lots of water should help. When we change our eating habits it's always a bit of a shock I got really bad skin for a few weeks, others have headaches etc. Try and view it that your body is getting rid of the rubbish it was used to and possibly still craving it. Once it realises it's not getting any more you should find you start feeling an awful lot better.

Good luck.:)
I don't know where you live, but I am in the southeast and I feel dreadful in this heat. I always feel bad in hot weather - upset stomach, slightly blurred vision, and no energy at all. So maybe you, like me, will feel better when it cools down a bit.
Hi Caramelle,

When I first started I felt awful, very faint and extremely weak, however, within a few days, I felt better. I put it down to my body adjusting to eating better again!

I suggest that you keep on eating lots of fruit and vegetables, but don't be afraid to eat! There is plenty of free food out there, so eat until you are satisfied!

The weather may be a factor as well, drink lots of liquids to keep hydrated!

Hope you feel better soon :)


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Also you may just be experience sugar withdrawal symptoms, so give it a week or so, making sure that you are eating properly, not missing any meals and drinking plently of water. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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When you're at work try and keep a drink beside you, whether it be a tea/coffee or a glass of water etc to keep sipping on. I think sometimes I think I'm hungry but I'm actually thirsty. If I feel myself slipping mid-morning I have a banana and an options hot choc and that gets me through to lunchtime. Or of course Ihave been known to give in and just eat my lunch at 10.30-11 if I'm having a hungry day. Once you've got through the first week or 2 you stop thinking of it as being so much of a diet, you'll adjust and know what helps and doesn't help but it's a case of experimenting.
Good luck :)
Thank you so much for your lovely posts guys! I'm thinking you guys are right, it's probably a combination of a few things... change of food, change of eating rythm and definitely the quite sudden hot weather too!!

I also don't think I've quite understood how the SW diet works yet too. I never would have thought it before I read some posts on this forum, but I'm beginning to wonder if I've actually been eating a little too little. Going to have another good read through 'the bible' today and be sure I'm utilising everything correctly - including the syns! :)

Thanks again for your lovely posts, lots of love from me!!! Caramelle X
I felt like cack for my first week and a bit on SW a combination of eating less sugar, drinking less coffee (didnt want to use HExA for milk)and a general change in food made me feel a bit rough but I started drinking more water and 9 weeks in I feel WAY better than I have in a very long time.

Hope you start to feel better soon x stick with it its deffo worth it :)
It's probably just the reduction in calories, mate. If you've been used to eating quite a high level of calories your body will be reacting to the reduction in overall energy intake. This happens with most diets when you first start them.

Give it a couple of weeks, keep eating healthily and you'll soon start to feel better.


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At the start I was getting tummy ache and headaches as i used to drink and eat ALOT of chocolate and fizzy drinks and body went a little lost without these things, Not sure if your same x

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