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Diet pills recommended?


I've been struggling with my weight for ages. I know you can now buy Alli over the counter, but before this came out, a couple of my friends had been on the Xenical (I think) prescribed by the doctor. I had a couple of questions... firstly.... Would Xenical be prescribed to someone of my weight? (Probably around 14 stone though to be honest I haven't checked for ages!!! Heigh 5 foot 4). I'm guessing the prescription would be cheaper and stronger.

Also, would it be recommended to someone like me? I have been on cambridge before and it worked really well but I couldn't stick to it because I enjoy eating and drinking on social ocassions too much. I mean I know with diet pills I'd not be able to go to excess either but totally ruling it out of my life was too depressing, as I'd just have to avoid going out completely. I know it's fine for some people but I just don't feel like I can do it.

The other problem with Cambridge is that it makes you feel very weak- but I like to be active and to do sports etc, with diet pills do you still have energy?? And the other thing with cambridge is you have to drink so much water you are peeing all the time, but I'm just about to do my teacher training and I can't interrupt classes to go wee..!!!!! Doesn't set a good example.

I really want to be slim so I can set a good example to my pupils. This has to happen.. NOW!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone
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Talk to your GP and i think you will probably be a suitable candidate, and its certainly cheaper than alli.

Xenical works by giving you bad side effects in the toilet dept if you eat too much fat. So it really is just a means to keeping you on the straight and narrow.

Let us know how you get on?
The one thing I really noticed from your post is that you want to be slim now, I'm sorry hun, but Xenical is no miracle slimming pill. It's an anti obesity drug that aids weight loss, you still need to do the hard work of changing your diet and your life style.
With that being said, your GP could possibly prescribe Xenical as your BMI is over 30, however that is no guarantee.
Ah yeah of course, I know there is no instant solution to this mess I am!! What I meant really was that I need to make the change now. I guess I will see my GP soon as poss.

I know my friend who was on Xenical had a bad time with it, because she'd use it like... I can have a curry/pizza because I'm on the xenical so that'll just flush out the badness. OMG. and then wondered why she kept having nasty toilet issues...........
Good luck with the weight loss Catkins! Your GP SHOULD be able to prescribe it for you, my mum-in-law was around your weight and she was prescribed it and she's now down to 12 stone and is still having it from her GP to get to her goal weight of 9 stone. (She's around 5 foot 1). I didn't have any problem getting it - but I'm MEEEEEGA overweight, and also our doctors around here seem a bit more laid back about giving it out than some others.

I LOVE Xenical, Like Ali's said, it's not a miracle pill but it really does keep you on the straight and narrow and avoiding fat, as you wouldn't want any nasty accidents - epecially during Teacher Training! lol!

Don't think of this as a "diet" think of it as a lifestyle change and then it'll be easier to adopt, especially with the added stress of teaching practice going on (I qualified as a primary school teacher last May, and know only too well how much hard work it is while your on TP). I just wish I'd started changing my diet THEN and I'd be nearly there by now! (I DID get pregnant straight after qualifying tho...so that's my excuse! lol!)

It's def a good idea to see your doctor about Xenical, especially if you're going to be (potentially interested in) buying Alli over the counter anyway.....if you get Xenical on prescription it'll be FREE compared to £40-£50/month on Alli, and Xenical is exactly the same drug (Orlistat) just double the strength.

You seem to know where you wanna be, and how to do it...my only advice is make sure you stock up on PLENTY of healthy foods for TP and foods that are easy to eat....I spent SO much of my lunch break and morning&afternoon break either marking, writing out notes, completing assessments or on yard duty/setting up next lesson that I didn't have time to eat, which meant a MASSIVE binge at tea time!

So take chopped apples...melons....mango's, carrot sticks, tubs of salad....anything you can just keep nibbling on all day! And remember to DRINK! i know you're worried about going to the loo but its suprisingly warm in class rooms and you'll get dehydrated otherwise. Don't stress too much about needing to go to the loo, most teachers really don't mind.

Good luck (on the weight loss and the TP!) and have fun!

Hey, thanks for the message yummy mummy!!! I have got diabetes type 2 in the family, so I could use that as a little incentive for the doc ha ha ha. Though none of my family that have diabetes are overweight, well that just makes it more of an incentive..

Ah yes that's another question I had been meaning to ask- at what point will they take the xenical from you? Would it be when you get near goal weight, or more like when you are closer to being "overweight" and not "obese" (yuck!!!)

No I totally am not expecting it to be a miracle pill but I think my problem is, well.. it's a confidence thing. I have tried weight watchers a couple of times, and done really well. But then I'll slip up and think **** it... and just go back to my old ways. Hopefully this will allow me the odd slip up without me thinking I've completely ruined everything- though I know that doesn't mean you can excuse poor eating habits cos you're on the xen!

Have you tried Forest Feast mango strips? OMG THEY ARE AMAZING.... So I suspect a good deal of my bursary will be spent on them for school lunch times ;)

Thanks again for your reply!
Oooh I haven't tried them, I'll have to look for them! Are they in the fruit section or fridges in the supermarket?? Sound yummy!

Yeah, I totally get what you mean about not feeling like you've failed on Xenical if you have a slip up, I've tried WW and slimming world and dont feel like any of them are for me, but counting cals, fat and taking xenical makes me like i'm back in control...got a way to go yet, but i feel in control!

Yeah the type 2 diabetes should DEF mean you can get Xenical, my mum-in-law didnt even go to the doctors for xenical, she went because she was feeling weak and ill all the time, the doc did tests and she was "on track" to have type 2 diabetes and it would do her good to lose some weight and then prescribed her xenical...so def think you'd get it!

Good luck!

if you get Xenical on prescription it'll be FREE compared to £40-£50/month on Alli, and Xenical is exactly the same drug (Orlistat) just double the strength.
OMG girls - ye feckers FREE, in Ireland you pay the first €90 a month for all prescriptions and anything else after that is free...though afaik they are changing that too, I think you will have to pay the lot and then claim back the excess:mad:

Catkins - good luck with this...I'm the very same as you at the moment (even down to the height and weight!!), trying to decide if I will go on Xenical and tbh the girls here have more or less made up my mind for me. My GP checked my BMI and told me that she's prescribe it and I've to go back to her in about a fortnight for something else so will get the prescription then.

Good luck with whatever path you take
haha deem- I see you also tried Cambridge for a while! Why didn't it work out for you? I actually really liked the diet. I got on well with the sachets and I didn't feel ill or anything, but it's just SO anti-social....

yummy mummy- they are in the "kids snacking section" - the place where you'd get healthy snacks to put in kids lunchboxes. I was trekking around tesco for absolutely ages trying to find them earlier, eventually found them in the jam aisle!??!?! Thought they'd be with the other dried fruit section, but they are a cut above all that lot!! so amazingly nice.
I would defo recommend Xenical. I too have tried WW, SW, Herbalife etc but can not stick to it. My GP suggested I try Xenical because my blood pressure was sky high despite being on medication for years. Diabetes is also in my family so I took her advice and am really pleased I did. I have had a good loss for my first month, have only suffered from side effects once (on holiday after eating Pizza and Ice Cream - so my own fault and a deterrent not to eat the wrong stuff again!), I have followed Allie's advice and kept a food diary and do some type of exercise every day.

I have a long way to go but at the moment feel optimistic that I can do it.
Hope this helps.


gunna be a fatty for ever
its not free for me :'o(

its £7.50! but id rather pay that than £50 for alli!! lol

good luck catkins! If the diabetes crad fails just cry! It worked for me lol

luv katie
It's not free for me either lol Presriptions in Scotland are currently £4 each though, so not exactly breaking the bank ;) lol
How come its not free for you Katie?? Do you not get free prescriptions??

Lynsey xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
no you get them free for a year after you've had a baby but olivia is 16 months old now. You also get them if your household income is less than £12000 a year!

Do u get them free in wales? Its £7.25 or something for a script here! Per item too!

luv katie
Catkins - I did Cambridge earlier this year and it didnt work cos I cheated the whole time :)

I had great success on Lipotrim back in 2005 when I wanted to lose weight prior to TTCing....but as it a lot of diets it was brilliant the first time I did it, then less and less so every time I restarted after that.

I think you one golden chance at each of these diets - subsequent attempts, well I dont know if your body is used to them or of you have learnt too much about how they work and learn how to cheat at them or what but thats been the case for me.

...and I really cant believe you all pay so little for your prescription...doh!! This will cost me €90, so thats about £110ish - still its cheaper than Cambridge at €60 per week...and if I could manage that, then I'll be able to manage this.

take care all


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey deem!!

how often do you pay the €90?

hope u have a fab day

luv katie
Hi Katie - in theory we pay for all prescriptions, but there is a drug refund scheme and a medical card. I dont qualify for a Medical Card but everyone gets the drug refund scheme. That means that you pay for all prescribed drugs but once you've reached €90 in one month then all other drugs for that month are free.....so the answer is every month....lovely!!!



gunna be a fatty for ever
yeah I know - Celtic Tiger my a**e
Oooh you've made me think now Katie, do I only get them for free because i'm under 25?? Will I have to start paying in October when I turn 25?? I think I will won't I??