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Diet Plate


I will get to goal .....
Hey SoozyB

I have the plate and the bowl and to be honest I never use them!
If you are planning on following WW anyway you will adjust your portions according to your points allowance, so personally I would say don't bother!!
Hi Dobbie, I'm not planning on doing points, that's the thing I want to do the Core Plan, and so need to make sure my portions don't go stratospheric! I want to try and avoid counting points as much as possible, although I know that if there's a week where maybe I need to go out of whatever I will do it that way. But i would love to be able to dish up a healthy, balanced plate of food without any measuring or weighing and know that my portions are OK. That's why I want to try the diet plate first of all, to 'train' my eye. Would you be interested in selling the plates if you're not using them?? :p

For what it is worth.
I have been using a 3 compartment plate from the corning ware factory. It was very inexpensive and helps to train the eye like a diet plate. Greens and salad on 1/2 the plate and the other half is divided into 2 more areas that allow me to put a protien on one and a veggie or starch on the other. I found it really helps train the eye.
Ok, so I've never even heard of a diet plate, but from what I can gather it's a plate which has sections to show how much of each food type you should be eating with each meal?? If that's the case, then it sounds like a great idea for the core plan! What puts me off the core plan is having to judge my own portion sizes. I do have a big appetite and if I'm left to eat as much as I want then I just KNOW I would eat too much. That said, surely different people or different sizes etc need different amounts, so do 'diet plates' come in different sizes etc or is just a set/standard size?


I will get to goal .....
The actual diet plate comes in 2 sizes - men and women!! The manufacturer reckons you can pile it up as high as you can until the food spills over into the next boundary. The portions in my opinion are ok - satisfactory. Not sure whether the bowl comes in different sizes though?

The bowl (for anyone who's interested) has rings around the inside which guide your cereal portion depending on the type of cereal you have i.e. museli is a very small circle, sweet cereal like frosties etc are obviously smaller portions than say special K etc

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