Diet pop ??


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Hi Deb
I've never had a single diet fizzy drink on the diet (not that fussed) but I've heard people have had diet coke etc. I'm not sure what the official line is though (I know coke zero and Dr Pepper Z is OK)

I think the problem is not so much with the calorie content as the possibilty of them containing some sort of acid which may interfere with ketosis. Also, the bubbles can 'bloat out' your stomach making you hungry and cause food cravings.

I'm sure the occasional diet coke isn't going to trash the diet but a CDC should be along in a minute to clarify things.


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Hi Debbie

thanks for the advice. I just really fancy something different to drink and have been tempted by the diet pops!

I think best to err on the side of caution and after reading your great advice will certainly do so now. :)

I think it may start me off on wanting 'sweet' things too. I have been struggling this week with cravings so dont want to make it worse. I could have eaten my hubbys steak last night and I am a veggie. :eek:

I dreamt about eating chicken legs last night!!! how wierd is that. :D :D

Thanks again Debbie

Deb x


Carpe diem
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
You're not alone in the dream thing ... I went through a phase of dreaming about food (early in the diet).One night, I dreamed that I paid £50 for a roast beef dinner at a restaurant ... it turned out to be one of those frozen microwave meals so I felt totally ripped off (but I ate it anyway!) It was so vivid, I awoke convinced that I'd broken my diet!
I also had a lot of dreams about cheese ... oh, and biscuits!

A couple of months later I was dreaming about finding sexy lingerie in my undie drawer so you can see how things began changing psychologically!! ;)

mrs tweedy

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Hi there, if you really fancy something a little different to drink you can have "perfectly clear strawberry and kiwi sparkling water" it tastes like lemonade but as it is just water it counts towards your daily water intake too. It is the only "flavoured" water you can have to my knowledge as it doesn't contain any citric acid which would effect ketosis.

as for the dreams I dreamt that I ate icecream early on in my diet and woke up so depressed at the idea of having fell off my diet lol I can't wait for the lingerie dreams haha


I, too, am a fizzy drinks addict.

I am taking SS as cold turkey in preparation for a life of abstinance from the stuff though.

I can't think that there's anything positive about drinking fizzy drinks. Waste of money, calories, dentists' bills - and just think of all those nasty additives that have to go through your poor overworked liver.

From now on I will abstain!


Perfectly Clear do a Red apple water that tastes yum and smells a bit like cider. It's got malic acid instead of the citric acid. The rules say citric acid will knock us out of ketosis, but malic acid doesn't... if you read small print malic acid is in the cambridge water flavouring, so it must be ok. :)