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Diet tips and tricks!

Hello guys!!
Just thought it would be a nice opportunity for us all to share our diet tips and tricks to make life a bit easier!! A few to get us started i have found are..
* Swapping pasta for wheat free pasta, is a slightly more expensive yet diet friendly idea. Not only is it lower in calories and GI, it also reduces your carbohydrate intake, which is always a bonus!!
* Not eating after 6.30 pm, i started this last week and had a loss of 5pound compared to previous weeks of only 1 pound losses!!
* Swapping weightwatchers ready meals to "Bird eye healthy options" ready meals. They are lower than most weightwatchers meals in propoints and are truely delicious!! Especially the deserts!
* Swapping bread for pitta breads, not only are they smaller but they are generally not made of the processed sticky white stuff, that normal bread is made up of!!
Im sorry i could only name a few, my mind was bursting with ideas when i decided to create this thread but my mind went blank when i started!!
Im sure you all have some fantastic ideas to get us closer to our goals!!

Abbi xoxo :p
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Great idea Abbi!

The main one that springs to mind for me is 0pp soup; I've been making LOADS of it lately, soooooooo much tastier & purse friendly than tins are! Also, I found that 1 slice of bread never seemed enough, so I've been buying those part-baked petit pain. Really nice & only 3pp :)

I'm sure I have loads more....

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0pp soup is a life saver for me!!!

Plus I've really cut down on my carbs, dont have bread really at all now, the occasional pitta bread but thats all and I avoid pasta like the plague too! But funnily enough I dont really miss it - I hate the bloated full feeling I get after eating pasta!


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only thing i can eat is pasta atm! lmao gave up everything else as challenges and lent :D haha! anyone have any good 0point soup ideas please for a fussy eater ;) and also easy to make i dont have blenders and stuff like that! :( thankyou :)


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only thing i can eat is pasta atm! lmao gave up everything else as challenges and lent :D haha! anyone have any good 0point soup ideas please for a fussy eater ;) and also easy to make i dont have blenders and stuff like that! :( thankyou :)
This one is lush. Spicy Mexican soup - no blending needed:

1 onion, diced
1 large courgette, cubed
1 small pack sugar snap peas, cut into bitesized pieces
1 red or green pepper diced
2 red or green chillis, de-seeded and chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 pint veg stock
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon oregano
1 lime

Bung it all in a pan together, except for the lime, cook for about 15 mins or until vege's are at a texture you like, squeeze in the lime juice and serve! The above makes up about 4-5 portions of soup and it can be frozen. Very filling, especially if you toast a tortilla wrap and serve that with it.
Wow Tonic, that sounds lush! I'll definitely be making that this week :)

My soups are somewhat boring in comparison; I adore carrot soups, so normally make carrot & coriander, or lentil if I feel it needs beefing up (obv this makes it 1 or 2pp), and BNS soup is gorgeous too, has a nicer texture, curried BNS soup is a regular for me.
Hello all!! Thankyou for posting!! You all have fantastic ideas and that mexican 0pp soup sound gorgeous!! Thats such a good idea, and im so fussy yet i eat all of those ingredients!! The petit pains are delish! I didnt realise how low they were! Yeah i do love soups but im just so darn fussy! Another treat i discovered this week though was that Oreo snack packs are 4pp for 4 oreos, at full size! Perfect after dinner snack!! Or have you tried pouring 0pp drinks into lolly moulds for 0pp lollies? Diet coke, diet lemonade, and squashes are delicious as lollies!
Thankyou all for your input, they are fantastic ideas!!

Abbi xoxo

mrs a

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i'm finding curry flavour savoury rice a godsend.

if i'm needing something tasty i can eat this and kid myself it is as good as a chinese ;)
Hello mrs a!
That sounds delicious, which brand is it?
How many PP is it? And i think we often try to kid ourselves things are better than the takeaway version for now ;) haha!
Abbi xoxo
for handy ice pops!!! sukies are only 1pp each!!! or you could buy a carton of sukie and make them urself!!!!

i made a homemade veg soup for the first time last night without lentils!!!! though it was gonna be a disaster!!!! but it turned out really nice!!! i had about 4 bowls lol!!!!

i've heard people talkin about not eating at night!!! i find this really hard as when i get the boys to bed is the time i want a bag of crisps or an ice-pop!!! but i will maybe try it this week!!!!

also i find that if u can take a glass of water before your meal and then a glass of water after ur meal it really helps to fill me up!!!! i put a bit of hot water into it if it's too cold to neck straight away!!!

looking forward to sharing and receiving tips from this thread in the future xxxxxxxxxx
This is slightly embarrassing but.. i dont know what sukie is!?
Sounds lovely as its so low aswell!! Gotta love an ice pop!! I do love the idea of these 0pp soups! Definately need to make some!! YUM! The water idea is a good one! I may try it with my meal in the next hour or so!!

Good luck all and keep posting your fantastic ideas!!

Abbi xoxo
YUM! Thanks "Dolly_Mixtures" i love grapes and never thought of that!! The tiny packets of jelly tots aimed at young children that come from a multipack and are like 20 odd grams a packet are zero PP for one packet!!

Abbi xoxo
sukie is a drink!!! u can get it in orange blackcurrent and strawberry i think!!!! but dale farm does the packs of ten ice lolly's!!! sukie, pineapple, choc pops and mr. frosties!!!! all the fruit ones are 1pp each!!! a mr. frostie is 3pp(so worth it because i love them) and choc pops are 5pp each!!!! my partner gets to eat all the choc pops lol!!!

my sister in law does a diet that involves drinkin a pint of water before and after each meal!!!! she says that the girls in her class that drink the water loss the most each week!!!! although i'm on pro points and not her diet!!! i can still get a few tips and tricks of her!!! and everyone know that drinkin the water helps u lose weight!!!! she says for a few days u constantly run to the toilet!!! but after u get used to it u start to slow down lol!!! it is also said that if u are feeling hungry, (when u shouldn't) try and drink a pint of water!!! sometimes u think u are hungry when it is actually the body telling u that it needs water!!!!
Ooo lovely! May have to invest in some sukie! Haha, aww OH always get all the nice foods!! We get the watered down pops haha. Thats such a good idea, and so logical it makes alot of sense that you would lose the most weight though! Just a question though, i understand why you would drink water BEFORE a meal, but what is the reasoning behind having one AFTER a meal? There must be some really obvious idea im missing, but im sure you can explain it!

Abbi xoxo
i jus think it makes u REALLY REALLY full up lol!!! oh and btw i forgot to say!!! dont drink a pile of water on WI day!!! as it will obviously make u WI heavier on the day!!!! my WI is in the evenin so i try not to drink alot!!! probably wouldnt be as bad if u have a morning WI!!!!

I think u can buy the ten packs of sukie pops on their own!!! its 2pound something a box of ten but if u were to buy them on their own it would be 50 or 60p each so u really are savin a few pounds buying the 10 box!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
Normal jelly tots are 3 or 4 PPs i think!
Yes i will definately buy some sukie and let you know what i think!! yeah i suppose that makes sense and you wont want to snack after!! Yeah i have an evening WI so i wouldnt drink too much then! Good idea, i will try it!

Abbi xoxo
let me know how u get on this week!!! what days ur WI!!!! aw was hoping they would be less than that!!!!

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