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diet v vlcd


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Hi Caroline - I'm not stalking you honest lol :)

I can only speak from experience, and I'd certainly suggest giving a vcld a go, even just to get you started, because the quick weight losses keep you motivated - well I find that anyway.

I did Cambridge a couple of years ago and though I did lose weight, I couldn't hack just having 3 liquid meals a day and was starving all the time. Plus I couldn't be arsed driving all the way to Dunfermline to get my supplies and to be weighed.

I stumbled across All About W8 by accident. Someone gave me their leftover packs - enough for a week - and I decided to give it a go just for the week to see what it was like. By day 3 I'd signed up online and ordered a 4 week ultimate package.

It is absolutely FAB. You get 4 mealpacks a day, plus 1 snack, plus you're allowed half a pint of skimmed milk a day for your teas and coffee which is essential for me, cos i just can't take it black.

The most important thing for me is that the foodpacks aren't all liquid. There is spagbol, chilli, curry noodles, porridge, cottage pie, and macaroni cheese (which I haven't tried yet, but which is apparently delicious). These foodpacks only have the same calorific and nutritional values are the soups and shakes, but make a really satisfying chewable meal - kind of like pot noodles, but taste much better.

To be honest, I have never been hungry once, even before I got into ketosis, and sometimes struggle to have my four meals a day plus a snack, so I often double up two packs at dinner time.

Their snack bars are to die for too. Similar to the cambridge ones, but tastier and they are for a snack in addition to your 4 meals a day, not to replace a meal.

All in all I can't recommend AAW highly enough. It is working for me - 18lbs in 3 weeks so far - never achieved that kind of loss with cambridge even though it was much less calories.

Whatever you decide I am sure you will do great - it's just making the decision and getting started.

I hope lots of other people come forward with recommendations and you find a plan that suits you. I'm just happy that I've found one that suits me to a T and for the first time in a very long time I actually believe I'm going to be slim again.

Good luck

Val x
Hi all please can you help my heads buzzing i need to shft 4 and a half stone but should i go back with my vlcd or try one off the low eating plans please i dont know what to do :confused:

thanks caroline
It all depends on what you are looking for in a diet. If you can stick to total food replacement diets, and you know this from past experience, then that would seem to be a very good way to get started. Since Cambridge, Exante and others have not only one but, rather, many different 'steps' and plans you can have packs as your basic daily nutrition and also a small meal in the evening, milk in tea, etc. VLCDs are not just about Sole Source - 3 packs a day plus water and black coffee! The plans are many and varied and can fit into any lifestyle.

If you want a very fast start to your losses then a good, reputable VLCD cannot be beaten. You can always switch to either a higher plan or a different diet if you find that the VLCD doesn't suit you.

If you absolutely cannot stick to a VLCD then your option is either calorie counting or - my own preference - low-carbing - Atkins, for example, or Dukan. Some do wonderfully well on low GI dieting, where carbs are controlled but not as much as on other plans.

In your shoes I would certainly start on a VLCD and see how it goes. If you stick to it most of the time, and I mean most lol, then the weight will start to fall off you. This will encourage you so much you will either stick with the VLCD or move onto another plan.

Good luck hun, and keep posting!

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