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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
So onto the diet front!

I was going to restart on Tuesday but then went out the window and the same yesterday but today is the day! I now weigh more than I've weighed in a long long time! My clothes don't fit and I just feel awful and am so upset with myself. I feel like crying at times. I know Im probably only a 14 at most but all my clothes are a 12 so I need to shift it. I've got about 2 stone to go before Im happy and have my 1/2 stone buffer so it is now or never!

I am going to ss/790 as before and I'm not going out anywhere to disrupt me! I was supposed to be going out for a prty this weekend but Im not up to it and next week is the wedding reception but I am now so so so broke that I can't go (another loads of issues is my lack of money and the bride is going to kick my ass when I tell her and it is going to cause a massive argument but I just can't do it) Anyway rambling aside. In 6 weeks Im going back to see all my old friends so I need to be at least 1 1/2 stone lighter by then!!!!

Day 1 going well - 1 shake, 1L of water and 1 coffee down. Iv got my tetra with me, turkey + veg in the fridge at home and a bag full of determination! So here it is I am going to take this 1 day at a time and I will shift this weight (deja vu huh!?! lol) propely. I don't have the pressure on me for the wedding which is why i think i sabotaged myself etc so I know Im going to do it properly now :D:D:D

Anyway girlies how are you all getting on?? It feels like I have been gone for ages not 2 weeks!

x x x

Oh and Mr flower man bought me some gorgeous gorgeous shoes whilst i was away...Christian Louboutins!!!!!
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
by the way I'm an idiot and I was supposed to writting the above as the 2nd part of my thread below about my holiday etc so you mey need to read that one first duh!!!


Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Natalie,

Don't beat yourself up over it. Just draw a line under the last few days/ weeks etc and start here and now.
I am on Day 3 (re-starter) and so far it's going without a hitch - I think it's mainly down to Hubby working away this week!!
Come on, we can do this together!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks Mrs V - I know I will do it this time just got to break the 1 week habit for me. Once I've done a solid week I should be A ok :)

Well done on getting to Day 3 can't wait til Im on it lol! xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol, you can do it Nathalie!!!!

I have just been really busy with work and looking after my Daughter whilst Hubby is away, so I have a distraction!

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