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  1. Lisa T

    Lisa T Member

    Hi My name is Lisa and I have just posted for the first time on the introductions. I am starting diet chef soon and I just wanted to know from the people that are doing diet chef how's it going?

    I also would like to know if the dishes like meatballs come with rice? Thank's Lisa. :confused:
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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

  4. RED

    RED Full Member

    Hi Lisa I am doing Diet chef and loving it...
    The Pork meatballs come with butterbeans...its really nice and filling you wouldnt need rice with it...
    I havent had the beef ones yet so not to sure whats with them...:)
  5. Ellie79

    Ellie79 Member

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    Hi Lisa

    I've started Diet Chef 2day! So far I don't feel hungry at all. I've had the Beef Casserole and added some veg with it, really filling and for brekkie (which I normally wouldn't have) I had Belgian chocolate granola.
    One thing I am focussing on is to drink lots of water. Today I've had 2 litres.

    Anyway I wish you all the best on your journey and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Peace x
  6. RED

    RED Full Member

  7. isie1980

    isie1980 Full Member

    Hi all

    I have just started DietChef today and have bought 28 days worth. I originally lost 4st on Lighter Life but have regained 1st in the past year. I am aiming to stick with DietChef for a month at least, and then see how it goes.
    So far I have eaten granola and skimmed milk for brekkie, a pea and ham soup for lunch (it sounded the least appealing of all the soups but was gorgeous!), a Nakd banana bread bar for my 4pm snack, and have just had the beef in porter which came with sliced potatoes in the pack, and I added carrots. It made a full plateful of food and was delicious.
    In fact I don't remotely feel like I am dieting!

    I have always struggled with portion sizes and I am really hoping that DietChef will retrain me! The granola in the bowl this morning looked like about 1/4 what I'd normally have for cereal yet it kept me full until lunch and I didn't even think about food all morning.
    So far so good, and I am still allowed 2 pieces of fruit!

    Obviously I know the first couple of days can be easy-ish while I am still very enthusiastic, but I definitely feel positive about this plan.

    I will check in regularly and hopefully we can all support and encourage each other.

    Isie x
  8. RED

    RED Full Member

    Good luck to you too Isie...
    I havent tried the beef in black porter....
    what is black porter?? am i being silly LOL:D
  9. isie1980

    isie1980 Full Member

    I didn't have a clue what it was, but I think it's ale from the ingredients list on the back of the pouch. Like steak and ale pie without the pastry. Smelt and tasted great!
  10. RED

    RED Full Member

    mmmm sounds nice....I might try it in my next order!! Thanx
  11. Lisa T

    Lisa T Member

    Hiya all, Thank's for all your replies, its good to know i'm not alone!!! I've not got the delivery from diet chef yet , it should be here some time today. I will let you know what I think when I have started. Thank's again Lisa T x:)
  12. jules

    jules Full Member

    Good Luck Lisa and all on diet chef, looking forward to hearing your
  13. minimoo

    minimoo Member

    Diet Chef
    Hello everyone - just had to tell someone .. my box of diet chef arrived today and I couldn't wait to get started!! Does anyone start a diet halfway through a day ... lol!! I had delicious beef and tomato soup for lunch - not really hungry yet but going to dig out beef in black porter for dinner. I hope everyday is this exciting!! Oh what a sad life I must lead!!

    I'm with you Isie on the size of the granola pouch! I hope it fills me up enough in the morning - I'm usually starving then.

    Good luck everyone xx
  14. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Good luck minimoo

    Irene xx
  15. jules

    jules Full Member

    Please let me know how you are doing as I am considering changing to dietchef and would be interested in the weight losses :)
  16. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Apart from the products you eat from dietchef, what else do you have to have?

    Irene xx
  17. isie1980

    isie1980 Full Member

    In addition to the DietChef food (granola, soup, dinner + snack bar) each day you can have 2 pieces of fruit and a veg portion + milk or yogurt allowance for the granola.

    So far I've not really had my fruit as I'm not keen on it, though I am now saving an apple for my 9pm snack when I get the munchies.

    Now on Day 3 and it's going fantastically well. Not especially hungry and really looking forward to the meals! Yes, minimoo - even 3 days in it's exciting - I must be sad too, if you are!

    Last night was the meatballs and they are gorgeous. I'm just using frozen mixed veg as my meal accompaniment and I'm eating a plateful of food.

    Got weighed last night so my starting weight is actually my end of Day 2 weight - next Wednesday I will post my Week 1 loss.
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  19. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Thank you. I have looked at the website but it doesn't seem to say much

    Irene xx
  20. isie1980

    isie1980 Full Member

    Just testing to see if my new ticker is working...
  21. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    did you use bb code?

    Irene xx
  22. isie1980

    isie1980 Full Member

    Um, no would seem to be the answer to that one.
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