Dieting Tips


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1. Make a list and write down the pros and cons of your life now.
2. Tick off what you feel is achievable in the short term that you can change and will make a difference how you feel about yourself.
3. Whatever diet program you decide to do it is important to get a clear run at it for a week or two without interruptions, i.e. birthdays, holidays, weddings etc.
4. Do not tell everyone, just a couple of your nearest and dearest for now until it becomes obvious that you have lost weight.
5. Make sure you get all the support you can and tell others what you need.
6. Remember people can not read your mind…communicate your needs and wants. Again if you find this difficult write it down, you might find that you were unaware of what you needed yourself.
7. Plan ahead and pick a day to start your diet. Make arrangements to have trigger foods out of the house. The less temptation the better!
8. Regardless of what diet plan you are on, water is key! Make sure you drink enough.
9. Motivate yourself with pictures of a slimmer you or someone you admire and aspire to having a figure like. If you can visualise yourself slim then you can become it.
10. Please try and avoid people you know who bring you down, limit your contact with them. Do the same for TV programs that are depressing and negative.
11. If you don’t happen to have a full length mirror go and get yourself one, so that you can see the full picture. Make friends with your reflection.
12. Do daily affirmations that reaffirm you and claim your place in the world.
13. Weighing once a week at the same time will give you a more accurate picture than jumping on and off the scales as our bodies fluctuate over the course of the day. If you must weigh daily…then first thing in the morning after a pee and with no clothes on.
14. It may sound obvious, but eat before you get hungry. This helps to avoid over eating.
15. Eat breakfast…the word breakfast means to break your fast…it does not have to be a full fry up…a piece of fruit or slice of toast will kick start the digestion.
16. Keep a food diary as this will make you more aware of what you are eating and write down everything, including nibbles…it all adds up to extra calories in the day.
17. You did not become overweight over night, so you are not going to lose the weight overnight…give yourself time and be gentle with yourself.
18. Reward yourself as you achieve your mini goals with a magazine, hair cut or a day out, anything that is not food related.
19. If you have a slip, don’t let it be the end of your diet. Put it behind you and continue on your weight loss journey.
20. Do your best to learn all you can about healthy eating and involve your family in the changes you want to make that will enable you on your weight loss journey; you will be doing all of them a favour in the long run and everyone becomes a winner for Life!
21. As you begin to lose weight you can incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. If you have not exercised in a long time please get checked out by your doctor to see you have no underlying health problems.
22. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and it costs nothing but your time and energy.
23. Excess weight takes its toll on the body eventually and robs your health along with your self-esteem and limits your life opportunities.
24. We only have the one life and this is not a dress rehearsal.
25. Your health is your wealth and you deserve the best because you are worth it