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Total Solution Dieting to see the next 25 years...

S: 20st12lb C: 20st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
This has been coming for a while. I've been telling myself since January that it's all gone too far now and if I don't sort it out there will be only place I'm headed. 6 foot under. Of course, as any seasoned dieter will tell you, acknowledging this fact and being pro-active about it are 2 very different things. Another weekend filled with popcorn at the cinema, cream cakes with friends and a Chinese on the sofa with the Boyfriend will pass and we tell ourselves that "I'll start on Monday!". Only to find by Tuesday we're digging into nachos and sloshing back the wine to soothe the midweek blues. And it would be pointless to restart on Wednesday. I mean, there's drinks tomorrow with the girls, work bakesale on Friday and who could forget - Mum's legendary Sunday Roast. No, next Monday! I'll definitely get back on The Wagon.

I've been there, a million times over and now I have the delightful size 24 t-shirt to match. You know, the one that squashes down over your boobs but accentuates the 8 rolls of bulging fat below them? Cuts off the circulation in your arms and sits ever so elegantly on your belly button drawing even more attention to the fact you really should have considered getting a larger size. Ah, but they don't go up to size MORBIDLY OBESE? Sounds familiar.

Well yes. I've been feeling pretty pants about myself lately. I've stopped going out in fear of public ridicule and have been avoiding friends and family. I'm 25 in a month and 20 stone to boot. What's to celebrate? I'm sure my multiple chins and bellies would do a little dance if the could to mark my quarter of a century but they can't quite be bothered. They'll stick to jiggling when I walk instead, thanks. Anyway. I bit the bullet and called my Mum this evening. I only called to convince her that "Life's Great!" but as it often does, the conversation turned to my weight. I tried to act cool but it ended in desperate sobbing down the line when she uttered

"Your Dad and I worry that your heart will give up and you'll drop down dead any day now."

Now, subtly is not my mothers strong point. But Gees, Louise, that hit home harder than crashing into a brick wall at full speed. Probably because she has a major point.

So here I am. 6 months after initially joining this site, ready to do it. For the last time. I've placed my order and it should be with me on Thursday. Here I will post a brutal and honest account of my experience on the Exante Total diet and a little bit more about me as the weeks go on.

Wish me luck! Something tells me I might need it.
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Hi hunni,

Wow, your introduction took my breath away. It's so honest, heartbreaking, and eloquent xx.

I'm on slimming world myself but I couldn't just read your post and then move on without saying good luck. I sincerely hope you make it to your goals xx


Doing it exante style :)
S: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb
Hiya Hun.

You won't regret starting this diet. It's the best diet ever :) I won't lie, the first few days are hard but you'll be fine. We'll all be here to drag your through it :D

Good luck xxx
Well done for taking the plunge...keep ya diary up to date so we can keep up with your journey..Its a huge help when ya first start this diet..

When ya feel a wobble get ya bum onto this site and start reading other peoples stuff..IT REALLY HELPS!!!!

If ya having a massive wobble when ya underway post a thread for some help..Dont be shy as we are all in the same boat..welcome aboard babe xxx


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Yes, welcome............. I read your intro and also felt for you....We've all been there in one way or another... BUT you've found a way out of it now. Exante isn't a miracle cure ~ it takes blerdy hard work and perseverence but you sound like you're ready to start (and finish :)) Just remember that we're all here for you... shout if you need help or encouragement, read diaries and posts for inspiration and above all, feel at home:grouphugg:


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Want to echo all of the above. Your first post in this diary rang so true for me too. But you are here now - and the new you starts now. These boards are an amazing resource for all of us on that journey, so stick with us through thick to thin.