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Different coloured peppers ?

Hi ladies , know this isn't a recipe as such but sure you lovely ladies that hang in this section may be able to tell me ....
I have always hated peppers .. but suddenly seem to love them ..... soooo is there a difference between the different coloured peppers ?? I have just noticed that recipes tend the state a specific colour and have often wondered if there is any difference ????
Please help my strange curiosity !!!!
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Hiya! The colours signify stages of ripening, green being the least sweet and thus, unripe and red being the sweetest (orange and yellow falling in the middle); And reds are better for you - more vitamins and nutrients apparently!
Never occurred to me to ask this question, but I have always wondered the same thing! I much prefer green to red, yellow or orange - the taste is just way better! My mum prefers yellow, neither of us really like red that much, but will eat it without complaint.

Do you like peppers so much you could slice them up into sticks to dip into humus/softcheese/mayo/somekindasauce yet? I keep thinking they'd be bad to eat in large quantities :( x
thanks for the replies :) I have not brought myself to try them raw yet but love them in chilli , spanish omlette etc .... I have always hated the smelll never mind the taste . Its something we never tried as children and I just never thought I would like them ... but I decided to try and they are yummy !!!
Green peppers are evil - taste so raw and nasty. Orange and red are lovely though, much sweeter. Can stand green ones cooked, but no way would I eat them raw.

I've wondered this but never thought to ask - am not overly keen on peppers but will eat them on occassion - might try the different ones indvidually to see if I like one more than the rest.
in cooking i use green and red and for salads and dips i use orange and yellow they are really sweet and tasty....mmmmmmm

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