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Different Types of Tea

So, fruit teas are out because of the citric acid, but what other teas are people drinking?

I've had a few black coffees and black teas so far and I've seen that a few of you like peppermint tea - what about the other herbal ones like fennel, chamomile, nettle etc? Do they seem to be ok?

I do like a bit of 'hippy tea' (as my bf calls them!) anyway from time to time, so the more different types I can drink the more variety and tastes I will feel like I'm having!
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taking it 1 day at a time
I drink green tea, white tea, nettle tea and Morrisons fennel and nettle which is my favourite. Occasionally have a cup of chamomile, but only because its in the cupboard.
oooh, good, I love fennel tea. I'm going to stock up!
Isn't fennel supposed to be very detoxing?

I am going to have to swing by sainsbugs to get some of that tea with eucalyptus in it

I wasn't keen on rooboos pre vlcd
so now i must try again, see if I like it now
I read that no fruity tea because it quite probably has fruit, or natural sweeteners in. I suppose any of those may be true.

twinings do a range of green tea and [mildly fruity flavour]. Now, I'm not saying they're at all approved, but they don't seem to be doing me any harm. With green tea as the main ingredient I suppose there's not enough 'and' in it to make any difference - I reached for one in desperation to help settle an acid stomach (as, of course, rennies are out, and ranitidine takes a while to kick in), and have been keen on them since. There's also a white tea and pomegranate, too. Essentially, it's all just tea with a hint of something else.

Not claiming they're generally diet friendly, but one in an evening, (stick it in a big mug, and keep topping up with hot water as the evening goes on) seems to pass under the ketotic radar...
Do you still get acid stomach Miss D?

I used to, at the beginning, but ok now
There's plenty of choice then, that's good! We've got loads of different types of tea in the cupboard at work so I can start discovering them all! In fact, Bren I think we might even have that Tick Tock rooibos tea...
Do you still get acid stomach Miss D?

I used to, at the beginning, but ok now
Not so much anymore, first couple of weeks were really quite unpleasant though. But it's something I can suffer with at the best of times, diet or no...



I love Pukka three mint tea, rooibos with natural vanilla flavour and i am also into white tea as Holland and Barrett just wrote a piece on it in their health magazine.
Kingston University London have just finished doing a study on white tea.....this was revealed....white tea helps stop the breakdown of elastin and collagen in the skin, preventing wrinkles and sagging.....Anti-ageing? Put the kettle on!

Shaz x
I love peppermint tea. I even mix it in with the chocolate shake to make a lovely mint hot chocolate!
Just had my first fennel tea
ver nice
got my peppermint and eucalyptus for later

I have a mix of Peppermint tea. Cherry Tea (when I'm craving something sweet) and also Pu'er Tea. My friend swears by it...and she's a fitness fanatic so I thought I'd take her word. It tastes a bit like muck to begin with lol! But I like it now
I love green tea and jasmine! Not 100% sure its allowed but i love it too much!
I tried the Tick Tock rooibus tea after my brekkie - it was foul! I like loads of other herbal teas but I'm just not gonna get on with this one... it smells like dirty hay from a pet's cage.... eww!
Have you had it long? It might have gone stale.................
It definitely has a smell and taste all of its own but I really like it.
Bren xx
Ive never had fennel tea before. Will give it ago as coffee makes my head spin at the moment
Bren - I bought it fresh on Friday night... I think it's just going to be one of those things that don't agree with my tastebuds! Going to get some fennel and some peppermint I think. I know I like those!


Still Motivated
I have been drinking Rooibos tea for a couple of years now and it does have a distinct taste all of its own Shuffler. When I first got it it was still quite unheard of so that pack was expensive. I think that my first impression was eeew I don't really like this but I knew that Mr Myr would not be too complimentary if I threw away my latest fad, so with gritted teeth I carried on. After a few days I was quite used to it and to be honest I really do not like ordinary leaf now.
On saying that I have actually taken to drinking nescafe green coffee instead which I find funny as I never was a big coffee drinker and would never drink it black out of choice.

I bought some peppermint teabags yesterday (Tesco own brand) never tried it before but found it very refreshing.

Love Myr xxx
Ewwww that green nescafe is rank
I got 241 on special offer, forced myself through one, and the other is left in the pantry!

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