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Difficult week ahead..

I have a difficult week ahead and I'm looking for some ideas for coping strategies. I always start off with good intentions and then loose my way...

On Friday we are going away to visit my fiances parents for the weekend, followed by a week at centre parcs with friends. It is my fiances 30th birthday and there will be meals out, cake, special meals, more cake, alcohol and oh yeah, some more cake (my OH, he likes cake :p)

How do I stay on the straight and narrow- while not spoiling the fun for everyone else?!
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First of all, why would it spoil the fun if you didn't eat/drink something? As long as you don't make an issue of it, you may find that no-one actually notices.

You could accept a piece of cake, then eat a tiny bit of it and leave the rest. Again, if you don't draw attention to it, then other people won't notice. If they do, just say you aren't that hungry.

At social occasions I find that if I talk a lot (not too difficult for me!) then it distracts my attention from the food.
Take the icing off the cake - you save loads immediately! Breakfasts are easy at CP as you can cook your own, stock up on fruit/veg. You could just eat out once a day. Avoid the shakes/hot chocolate, do lots of swimming/biking/activities. OR Enjoy eat and rejoin us again once the week is over :)
Well, I've been inspired by the idea of having a 'resist list' while I am away. I am bound to go slightly off plan, but if I write down all the things I didn't have it will actually keep me in a more positive mind set and help me not go too overboard- and I am quite easily defeated by my own negativity.

(also- I have booked a horse riding lesson! I expect to be a bit achey they next day!)

Thanks to whoever suggested it on another thread :)

(the 'resist list'- not the horse riding! :) )
Well, it's here- my difficult week starts in about half an hour! Feeling positive though, hoping to have a good time without going overboard! Wish me luck :D
Hey, i'm in the same boat in 2 weeks, I have my in-laws over for 4 days. They have never been to Ireland so it's a bit of a mini holiday for them. I'm having to find a restaurant for us all on Saturday, then the next 3 days will be similar. I have a feeling I will just have to try damage limitation and hope for the best come weigh-in day on Friday. One thing I know I will do is possibly make some syn free soup and have that ready to fill me up and alcohol-wise I may have Bacardi instead of the wine and try to limit my intake....or, I could be the driver then I wouldn't have to drink :)


Plodding on.......
Good luck Laura and fingers crossed. It sounds like you are going into it with the right attitude. We will all be thinking of you (and also hoping that you have a fantastic weekend). Let us know how it goes, particularly what you managed to avoid. And whatever happens, don't look back, look forward. You have done a great job so far.

Gail x
I'm back! Had a good time. Did a resist list for a few days but things got a bit busy and it was hard to keep writing things down but in the 3 days I was writing I resisted 235 syns :eek:.

I have weighed myself this morning and have gained 3Ib which (while not great) is not a bad as I expected. I have 12 days now until I get weighed at class so I am hoping to loose that and a little more by then.

I have lots of time this week (a few more days off of work :D yay) so I'm going to make lots of soups (speed soup and magic soup and maybe some tomato and red pepper soup) and have that for lunches and for taking to work when I go back.


Just doing it this time
you could just do as i do and that is take a week off ! NOT completely but have that piece of cake - refuse the next piece of cake .................. try not to have the alcohol if you want to overindulge on the food ................. don't snack in between meals and try and make as good a choice as is possible given the 'wrong' types of food.

I did this last year (when following SW previously) and came back to find that I was infact 2lb's lighter than when I went because of all the exercise I did.

Good luck


Just doing it this time
oh blimey, sorry I missed this post when it was first posted !

Well done on the 3lb's gain - it wasn't so bad.

ignore me - I am old :eek:

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