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Digital Scales Reccomendations??


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Can anyone reccomend a decent set of digital scales?

Wana spend max £20 - but if they are really good i may go over a little!

Fed up of my old style set as i cant tell where the needle is without moving and then the blasted needle moves and then grrrrrr!! lol
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don't go digital - get the regular scales cause u can mess with these put the dial about 2lbs lower than O and when ever you get on you will be amazed - a friend of mine put hers at 12 stone - so she would never go over 20 ! must be a thin persons thingy - never got it!!!!
unless she was comparing herself to me - fat v skinny friends never work out
love munchies xo


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Now, I am going to be really awkward and say dont buy any!!! You may start to get really paranoid about keep weighing yourself:rolleyes::confused:.

Could you not maybe go to Boots once a week and get weight on their big scales? These are usually calibrated regularly so should be fairly accurate..OR, what I have done...is go to wellwoman clinic at your doctors surgery once a week...they will weigh you no problem.

I have digi scales, with the height, BMI, etc..but I shove them under the bed as I dont want to get to wrapped up and I will keep jumping on them every day if they are out in my view. I think the one's I bought were about £50, but I still dont really rate them...

Hope this helps!
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Hi Tanya
We have just bought a pair of ww scales at asda they are fantastic digital weight fat content aswell and all for £15 BARGAIN XXX


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No idea sorry lol!!


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We got ours from the local chemist, about £18 I think, but to be honest I tend to use the scales on the Wii Fit most.

Have a scout about on t'internet at places like Amazon, Tesco Direct, Argos and Boots as there might be some good offers, and have free delivery.


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Ok, fanx guys :)


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I got mine from B and Q. They weigh different all over the house. Make sure they are on a hard surface and don't move them. They say my bmi is at least 10 points different to the chart at the chemist. so be careful what you buy : )


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S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
well considering this i think ill just stick to the old fashioned ones we have in the bathroom! :)


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oh! yesterday i was in asda and they had digital weight watchers scales for only £15! my mom said that was a really good price for them....just thought i'd let ya know! :) xxx
I got one for my mam in argos yesterday reduced from €50 to €18.50, its perfect and weighs in pounds, kilo's or stone :)

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