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a new way of living!
it is a lovely sunny day here at the moment, perfect for pottering in the garden, walking the dog, sat doing my crochet outside, dont have to go back to work till about 6pm....



to go to bed, get some lovely sleep???

or to potter, walk dog, crochet etc???

I just cant decide.

(sorry to rub in free time for those at work, if it helps i work all weekend and do split shifts and night shifts on the same day)

any suggestions?? :nightf:
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get out in the garden and do some sunbathing! at least that is effortless. if you're still so undecided, you could always come and do my job and i will decide for you? xx


a new way of living!
lol. shame the garden is a dogs toilet ;) not poopascooped it this morning and if i bend over i fear i will fall asleep in it! lol!

just went out to kick footie for the dog and its colder than it looks, or maybe thats just me?? got me cardi on now!

just had a choc mocha shake hoping the caffine will work. you know i actually get full up from the shakes now, almost couldn't finish it! progress :D:D:D

just hope my energies pick up soon, the only thing stopping me from sleeping is all the drinking i am doing and ineviatble pee'ing that follows!

what do you do vic? if its interesting i might take you up on it...
dont bank on it though! lol :D
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i'm a senior secretary for physiotherapy. it's alright actually - as jobs go.

I'm finding that it's colder than it looks too. But then that might have something to do with the fact that we're feeling the cold more being on LT!

Hope u have a nice day whatever u decide. Maybe a nice bubble bath while the house is empty? It's gotta be better than sitting at my desk (which is below the hospital staff canteen and all i can smell is FOOD!)


a new way of living!
oh no, thats either gonna make you hungry or feel sick, depending what they are cooking.

the high street in our village always smells of take out, i think it smells gross, but it makes keith hungry. glad we live a fair step away so i dont smell it all day.

cool sounding job. i go to physio every 3 weeks for fibromyalgia, hoping i wont have to go so often when i have lost weight!

after drinking about ten gallons of water i think i'll have a tidy of my office, keith is in the house too as he is home based, but may just have that bath... mmm...

yup, i'm cold nearly all the time! edinburgh woolen mill has great savings on cashmere at the moment, i got some great cardi's and a jumper, very lush, baby soft... mmm might just cuddle up in cardi on the sofa.

have a great day :)


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That sounds like a plan! Nice bubble bath, get all cosy and curl up on the couch and watch a weepy film! (you can't have the chocolates to go with it though) choc shake maybe? lol xx


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I'm cold all the time and had a moan to the chemist who suggested trying warm drinks !! with my track record i'd burn myself. I decided its better to be cold than fat ! I'm working all night tonight and its a real struggle at 5.00am when I want comfort food but so far so good...and I can only go to bed when the kids are at school and the staff are striking tomw so kids are off !!! I will be a rat bag by tomorrow lunchtime x

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