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Ok so maybe its not quite a dilema but could still do with some help?!!!

Ok, i went to the chemist on monday and got my liptrim and actually started the diet on tuesday, so i am wondering when shall i go for my first weigh in?!!

Monday mornings will be easier as i can get up and go and isnt it best to be weighed in the morning? but then that wouldve only been 6 days!

Where as if i go on tuesday, the full 7 days i wont be able to go untill 11:30 (5 hours after being up and been to work, probably drinking water!!)

So what do i do?!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I will be skinny again!!!
hmm im not sure...
I picked mine up on monday and started on tuesday aswell! Im going to go on tuesday, so it is the full 7 days..
But if mondays are easier for you, im not sure... Ring you pharmasist and see what they recommend?
I was in exactly the same situation... I weighed-in on the Monday because it's much more convenient for me that way. I'd say go for Monday, your first week is going to give you an amazing loss anyway, so one day won't matter too much...
I did exactly the same and got weighed on the Monday too, even though I actually started on Tuesday, I lost 9lb on my first week :D


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Like you I started on a wednesday and weighed in on a tuesday. 6 days and I still lost 10 lb. I don't think it matters what time of day or what day as long as each week is roughly the same.

Good luck with it and keep posting here for support. *hug* :)
they do give a bit of tolerance like for me working shifts i cant always make it bang on 7 days so its up to you which ever is easiest really


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah i work shifts too so it will be awkward for me.. hmm.. After all those message im contimplating going on monday lol!!


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I think monday it is then! :) Thanks guys xx


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For your first week go on mon which is 6 days
Then ongoing continue mondays which will then be 7 days
Good luck
I think this will be the best option, as tuesday might be difficult to go on - i will decide sunday night!!! lol;)

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