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Dilemma already and its only my 1st day!


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So here's the thing....my mum has bought me a new dress, for no reason, just because she liked the dress and thought I would too. She NEVER buys me clothes! Mainly because i'm 31 yrs old and doesn't think I need her to buy me clothes anymore! But this is sooo out of character for my mum. Of all the times she decides to buy me a dress, it happends to be the day before I start my new eating plan, (don't wanna use the DIET word)! I haven't told her that I'm doing SnS or that I am on a VLCD AGAIN, mainly because she is a bit skeptical about. She gave me the dress yesterday, the day before I start sns. She actually bought the dress last week, but kept forgetting to give it to me. (Her timing however, is perfect)! She told me if the dress doesn't fit, I should give it back to her so she can take it back to the shop. Sad to say the dress doesn't fit, but do I A) admit the dress doesn't fit & give it back or B) tell her it does, but keep it as an incentive now that I am starting sns? Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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I guess it's a little too small just now? If so, keep it. You will be amazed how quickly your clothes become too big. I was a 22 in stretchy clothes when I started 6 months ago, I've no idea what my size in "real" clothes was cause I didn't have any. I'm now a 12/14. Still shocks me cause I don't feel any smaller but it's a fact. I just got a dress in proper non-stretchy material last night in a 14, it's a fitted shape too with a defined waist. I had in mind my holiday in June and to be in it by then. Tried it on to see how far off I was when it arrived only to find not only does it fit perfectly, I also put it on without undoing the zip.

So, no dilemna girl - keep it and wear it proudly in a few weeks time :)


Keep it.

Use it as a motivational tool!


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A size 14 dress? Thats fantastic noodles1609! I can only dream about wearing something in that size! Yes - sorry should have said, its too small! (size 20) I can get it on (with difficulty), it just doesn't feel comfortable, neither does it look good on me! I have a wedding to go to on 27th April, not the one that I am maid of honour for, but equally as important as the bride & groom have asked me to sing during the wedding....eeeek! So i'm hoping it would fit by then!


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It'll fit - betcha ;)


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On the realistic scale - I'm not sure how the dress is cut... or how your body is proportionally... This is merely a note about clothes sizes.

I'm the same height as you and my fat is fairly evenly spread out all over my body (very small bust / but generally no outstanding big-hip or apple-shaped stomach issues).

I originally started at roughly the same weight - 18st 7 - I was 22/24.

At 15st 10-ish I was about 20 in most non-stretchy JEANS / trousers sizes. 18's for dresses with non fitted hips (A-line).

Right now at 13st 6 I can fit into my old size 16 jeans > but keeping hold of some 18's - depending on the shop label.

So I don't know if this helps any and everyone's different in how they lose weight/where it predominantly comes off - also the dress may be forgiving. Just some things to consider!

You may very well find that the dress fits in a month's time - as by then you could drop a stone and a half and be in the 16 stone bracket!! :D

Good luck with SnS - you can do it!! :D


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Definitely keep the dress... It will give you motivation to get into it... And it will be special because your mum bought it for you and it's such a rare occurrence.. Good luck :)


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Def keep it! I have a pair of a size 14 cropped trousers that I bought a few months ago. They are way too small now but I hung it up on my bedroom door and look at them everyday thinking 'I am so going to fit in you soon!' ;)


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Reckon it'll be good motivation for you. If you don't want to fit to her, just tell her the truth. tell her it doesn't quite fit now but it will soon so you want to keep it!


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hi minerva, congrats with your weightloss, thats amazing! The dress is a-line and so its quite hippy in the hip department! But as you say hopefully with the lbs shifting in the right direction, I should loose enough to get into it by end of next month! Here's hoping!
thank you lulu and caz, will deffo heed all the advice and keep it!