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wants to get super fit!
Right girls, I have a bit of a dilemma going on and was wondering if you could all give me your opinion on it!!

I have a wedding in September and have found the most beautiful dress to wear, but here's the thing....do I buy it in a size 12 (this fits me now fine) or do I go for the 10?? This is too tight for me across the bust giving me a squashed 'bandaged' look - not attractive! I have another stone and a half to go and should hopefully achieve it by September but do you think that's enough for me to drop a dress size? And will my back/boobs go down? Aaargh - I don't know what to do!!! If I go for the 12 will it be too big by then?

Help me out here pleeeaase.........
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I'd definitely get the 10, Nic. In fact, if you're fully determined to lose another stone and a half, I'd consider getting the 8! I found over the last stone that I dropped a couple of sizes in quick succession.

Don't think you can really go wrong with the 10, though. It may end up a little loose, but hey, figure-skimming is more elegant at a wedding than body-con, right? ;)

Good luck!


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I agree, I think that it is always good to have things to inspire you are clothes work for me!
Also I think that now that you are into the smaller sizes you will most probably drop a dress size once you lose another stone rather than a stone and a half.


wants to get super fit!
Sorry for late reply, just got back from a double shift. Oh god, do you really think I'll be a 10 at 9 stone? I've had a horrible last few days full of self doubt and just not really liking my body very much at the moment. I think it's because I really don't feel and look, any thinner than I was a month ago and a stone heavier??!! Will it become noticeable all of a sudden do you think?
I've also got this thing going on with my sister (whom I'm very close to) who once she noticed I was losing weight decided she would also go on a diet. She was about a stone lighter than me anyway but I think she has a real problem with me being thinner. I hate it because this is exactly what I DIDN'T want, hence me keeping my weight loss to myself. Even though the difference isn't huge (maybe 10lbs) it really rankles that I get loads of comments from people because I've lost a greater amount of weight but that's only because I was fatter in the first place!
I've yet to receive any kind of compliment from her - the nearest I get is 'that's a nice top, where did you get it from?' Never 'you look nice in that top' It's really getting to me now as I'm always trying to be supportive but never get any positive feedback :(
Sorry for off loading - so it's definitely a 10 then............................???


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Can you come to an arrangement and buy both in agreement that one will come back unworn??? :) best of luck hope you'll share photos x


wants to get super fit!
I got them online so I don't think so no :( I don't know why I'm doubting myself so much over this! Maybe be because the TOTM is coming up next week! Probably won't have lost weight this week either then.............doh! I will definitely post some pics serafyn - before and after!


i really don't know life
definitely the 10 hun! i know you'll do it!

my sister is 9 stone and 5"2' and she's a size 10. obviously body shape comes into it, she's very curvy and still as ize 10 so you should be fine!!

good luck petal, you can do it!!!!


wants to get super fit!
Thanks Rhuba! I'm going to have another 'fitting' tonight and make my mind up once and for all! Logically it should be ok but it's those bloody niggley threads of self doubt........
Hmm hard to say cos im very doubtful like yourself...id maybe go for the 10. Like whats been said though the bodyshape comes into it but if your in it and its just your boobs go for it!
Hi Nic
With the sister thing you are not alone ! however my sister is a model sad to admit a glamour model :eek: ... however she has taken time out and gain weight which i was pleased about as she look healthy again she was too skinny before ... but since i have started to lose weight she has declared she will lose weight when i asked her why she said their is no way i am going to be the fat sister that's you ! :eek: ... she giggled her head off and tried to make it sound as if it was a term of indearment ... my sister is 5'5 so even when we were the same weight she always looks slim i am a shortbum oops just seen we are the same height so i would def say the 10 as i know i was a size 10 at 9 stone last time round :mad:!!

stay strong and don't doubt you can do it !


wants to get super fit!
The 12's gone back today! I tried the 10 on again last night and as long as I lose this last stone and a half I think it'll be ok. Well at least this will keep me on the straight and narrow over the summer hols! Feeling soooo hungry all the time at the mo though - it's the week before :(

Wannabesize10, thankyou for your support with the sister thing, it's horrible isn't it! I'm even more determined though for it! My sis is highly successful, happily married with money to burn and only works 3 days a week. Me, I'm a single mum, haven't got a penny to my name, works 2 jobs and am constantly knackered! I just want this for ME but she's just trying to go one better
Do you know what that really does my head in when people are like that.
You do what you want. That dress will look fantastic on you and i am sure you will hit your goal and feel great :)


wants to get super fit!
Thanks Vicky! I've also got a secret weapon.......all you lovely people!!x
Well done on sending the 12 back :D ... it really helps to have clothes to go by as some week the scales may sts but you could have lost inches,

just noticed we both have the same goal weight ...maybe we could have a little challenge ( i know your 5lb ahead of me ) but could help keep as motivated


wants to get super fit!
Yes our stats are very similar aren't they! What were you thinking of?
oww i am not sure .... silly me :p
maybe a weekly WI to lose x amount
or a date to lose x amount by ?


wants to get super fit!
Ok .................... how about 2nd August to lose 12lbs? My weigh day is a Sunday. Or should we go for 14??!!
yeah lets do it ... that way i won't want to go off plan keep me motivated ! :D

i will WI Sunday as well did start monday but sunday is fine,

that gives us 5 WI's so shall we go for 14lbs ?? ...would be 2.8 each week - what do you think
or 2.4 each wk?? hmm hard isn't it :rolleyes:

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