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Over the last few weeks I have had two interviews. One for a completely different company to the one that I am working in now and one for a different team in the same company. The one for the same company said I had got pipped to the post so thought nothing more of it.

The new company rang me yesterday to day that I had the job! I was very excited.

Any ways gave my resignation letter in and now the team that said i didn't get the job have heard about my resignation and rang me this morning to say things hadn't worked out with the other candidate and they wanted to offer me the job and were really sorry they didn't offer me the job in the first place!

Now I have 2 job offers on the table!!!!!

I have written a list of pros and cons for both, they are both the same money, same distance for travel, same job just differ slightly in the sector (if that makes sense) and I honestly don't know what to do! I may just flip a coin!

Any ideas anyone?

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Devon Dolce

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A change is as good as a rest hun! Well done for being offered both positions! Let us know what you decide x


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Well I'd say if there are no real differences then stay with your current company. The grass is not always greener....

That said, wait until you have the offer in writing from your current company, you never know, they may change their mind once you decline the other job (just so they can keep you). I'm a bit of a cynic at times you see!!

Well done on getting both :)

big bear

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Firstly congratulations on getting 2 jobs woo hoo...

Can you not speak to your company and tell a little porky that the other company is offering you more money and if they can match that you'll stay with them :8855:

I personally would go to the new job as you weren't first choice for your company so stick your 2 fingers up at them & go....

Becca Wecca

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like big bear said, i'd go for the new company, because you were their first choice, yet the company you work for now didn't think you were if they gave it to someone else first!!

A new job a new challenge, get to make new friends! sounds more fun


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Well! I have officially resigned! Something happened in work that made my mind up! Trouble is now is that my new job wants me to start on Tuesday, but yet i have to give 4 weeks notice, and my new job has said that i cannot do both as each company is a competitor to each other so there would be a conflict of interest! So do i stay at my old job for 4 weeks on a part time wage and put my start date back by 4 weeks or do i just leave my old job on monday and start my new one tues without working my notice period?


big bear

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I'd leave mon & sod them...hopefully things will work out well x


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I have thought about it and have decided that tomorrow will be my last day in work. Everyone has told me to just leave so I am going to bring a letter into work tomorrow explaining why I am leaving and use that as my goodbye! I will be sad to leave all the wonderful people I have worked with, but I am excited about my new job too!



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Mellisa, I think you've made the right decision. I would have done exactly the same! Good luck with your new job, it's an exciting new start :D xxx


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Congratulations and I hope you continue to enjoy your job wherever you decide to work.


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Good girl! You've displayed in your decision the qualities your new employers wanted and recognised! Pity your old employers were so blind! Good luck Hun!

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