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Di's Diary


I'm pretty new to this forum and posted on the newbies board last week but having been reading for the last few days I think I might benefit like so many others from writing everything down so there's nowhere to hide!! I turned 30 last year and had all the best intentions of being thin for my big party - as it turned out I failed and I'm still here and now hoping to be thin at 31!!! I've never really been thin, not ever! I was overweight in school and was lucky to have not really had any problems being bullied and made great friends. Same at uni where I put-on even more weight.

Soon after starting work at 22 I moved in with a uni friend and the new lifestyle where I had money and no ties was great. I managed to get down from what I expect would have been around 15st to about 12at without really thinking about it. Sounds mad to me now but I was going to the gym 3 times a week and loved it (wouldn't say I got fit but I was improving all the time). All of a sudden I was getting comments about how great I looked and had loads of confidence. After less than a year I moved to near where I live now (moved with work), I met the man who is now my husband and like so many others when I was first jn a relationship I started finding better things to do like honour drinking and for nice meals! Over the years I put loads of weight on again and by the time we got engaged I was over 16st. I knew I didn't want to be really big on my wedding pics so bought a smaller wedding dress and left it to the last minute to lose the weight. I lost nearly 4st on the Cambridge diet in 4 months. I found it pretty easy to stick to at the time - I was saving money anyway so didn't want to go out and I had to fit into my dress!

Since we got married 4 years ago I've put on, lost, put on again and had a baby!! He's now 2 so I can't really use him as an excuse for the weight! I got back up to 16st9 at the beginning of September and went to slimming world. I've tried Cambridge again since that first time but it just doesn't work for me and my hectic life. I did quite well and lost 1st7 up to mid-November and decided to have a break over Xmas knowing I wouldnt lose anything. Of course I put a load back on but was still a stone lighter and I'm now down to 14st13 after the last couple of weeks following SW on my own an I've also joined the gym and started the c25k.

So if anyone's actually managed to get to the end of that without getting too bored I'll be very surprised but if you're still with me then just want to say thanks!!! I'm already feeling more motivated!!

Finally my target is around 11st (I'm 5'7'')
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Heya hun,
I think most of the people on here have struggled in much the same way over the years, but the important thing is that you know you've done it and to learn from it all I think. You can deffo lose the weight, you've done it before, so now it's doing it in a sustainable way.
I hope that you find this site useful, there's some truly fab people on here.
Best wishes!


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Good luck! I'm just starting out too. I will be 30 next year and I would love to be skinnier for that. Lots of sternght! x
Well I had a pretty good day yesterday. Took my son swimming in the morning and had jacket and beans for lunch. Then had a couple of light snacks in the afternoon, went to the gym in the evening and had a ww meal for ease when I got back. (hubby had steak pie :'-( ) Seems I might have lost a pound since yesterday so that's good. I have to weigh myself every day and I keep a track in an app on my phone. Seems to work for me. In other news I've had to go to a&e with my son this morning who pulled a cup of tea off the worktop and burnt himself. I didn't even realise he could reach and I feel awful so staying home with him today.


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S: 14st2lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st7lb(3.54%)
I find it better too when I weigh myself every day. Keeps me motivated.
Sorry to hear about your son, hope it's not too bad? :(
Losing a pound is good. Keep it up and soon they all will be gone! :) x
He seems ok thanks and they've put a good dressing on so he can't scratch it. Was a pretty awful start to the day but we're off to the farm now so making the most of a day at home with him. Must stay away from tasty homemade farm cakes!!! Xx
Well I managed not to be swayed by any cakes but then the cafe was closed!!! Had granola with banana and fat free yog for breakfast, tomato pasta for lunch and just had half a grilled salmon fillet with my son as he can only manage half!! Will have a salmon fillet with broccoli and green beans for tea I think. Also need to go to the gym as I'll be watching football tomorrow, hubby out wed and I'm out thurs. Not sure whether to try pilates or whether to start week 2 of my c25k podcasts then a swim? Hmm decisions, decisions!!!
Hello! I'm ok thanks just been really busy! Have had a couple if nights out over the last few weeks so not list as much as I'd hoped - now down to 14st10lbs which is ok but I'm disappointed. Having said that I'm really pleased with how things are going in the gym. I think I mentioned before that I'm doing the nhs couch to 5k podcasts and did my first week 3 run this evening which was 9 mins of running in total - 2x90seconds ones and 2x3mins. Never thought I'd be able to run for 3 mins!! I know it doesn't sound a lot but I'm amazed at how much you improve just sticking to it. Have set up a program with some weights and cross-trainer too so need to get doing that.
How are things with you? Been spying still so belated happy birthday! Xx


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S: 14st2lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st7lb(3.54%)
Thank you!
I'm good. Didn't lose any weight this week. (Stupid yummy cake :p)
Been looking for gym and fitness classes too. Trying to find the cheapest and closest so I wouln't have many excuses not to go.
I've been avoiding running. I would probably manage 1 minute. :D
But yeah you're right just have to stick with it and you'll be able to run more.
Set myself 1 little goal. Be under 14 stone by the end of the month. 9 lb to go. I think this is the key little challanges what you can achieve not one big what is maybe years away :)
Hope you'll have a good (and lovely) week! x
My goal is to get to 14st by the end of feb so v similar! I was down to 14.10 last week but 2 naughty weekend lbs have arrived this morning and scuppered any chances of that! I went for an expensive gym as additional motivations to go!!! It's working out ok so far but I can't really afford it!! Just had a jacket with beans for lunch and am v full now so shouldn't need any snacks this afternoon! Got some fruit on standby just in case! I'm off to hong kong with work for a week on 26th so will need to be so so careful there - am taking customers and it usually ends up being quite packed with food and drink :-(


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S: 14st2lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st7lb(3.54%)
Hong Kong eh? I'm very jealous! Travelling usually is so exciting to try to taste lots of foods from other cultures. Sad if you can't do it as you would like. I'm sure you will find some nice treats. xx

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