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Im feeling so annoyed with myself, been doing so well, got myself to the gym and was doing really well on my diet and now Ive gone and dislocated my hip and my ankle but apparently you cant dislocate your ankle without breaking bones... so Ive got 3 breaks and torn ligaments on top, Ive had complete rest for the past week to try and get the swelling down.

The only good thing being I cant get down the stairs to the kitchen BUT as I cant get food during the day, people are bring me snacks and goodies to eat while Im home alone and where Im so bored Im stuffing my face with more food then anyone needs to eat and Im either laying down or propped up in bed.

I was doing the Tony Ferguson diet but all the pain killers and what not Im on say must be taken with food and Im not sure a milk shake will class as food?

Do I just give up with the idea of losing weight until Im a bit better? Because I feel like Im just losing more and more faith that I can do it because Im literally sat here doing nothing so keep cheating out of boredom and its easier to eat junk food, then try and get healthy food.
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Ouch! Poor you, that sounds very painful.

Can't you instruct the people who are bringing you the snacks? Why don't you ask them to bring you fruit instead?

I would say that a shake would count as food for the purposes of taking your medication. Why don't you try sticking to your diet whilst you're off your feet? I think you'll only end up cross with yourself if you end up putting weight on and lying in bed plus eating junk food is going to mean weight gain if you're not careful! I do feel for you though, it must be awful.


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Taking your medication with a milkshake will be fine - milk is a food, not a drink. :)

You must be feeling pretty rotten considering what's happened, so it's only natural you'd want to comfort eat a little bit. Don't be too hard on yourself. Think of this as an opportunity to be really good - you can only eat what people bring you, so instruct them well!

Hope you feel better soon.


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as has been said milk is food rather than drink but you really need some proper food inside you to help your heal properly and quickly, maybe ask for fruit and veg snacks or do an online supermarket shop for healthy snacks and then you know whats in the cupboards and can say can i have my this... without worrying.

Take care!! how ever did you manage to break your ankle and dislocate your hip? ((hug))


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Ouch!!! Unfortunately when things like this happen, there's not much you can do. You will get better and then get back to the exercise. Meantime, rest and take care of yourself x


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Hi Sammy

First big hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery.

I managed to break my leg in three places falling of a horse so I can sympathise with you. I was lucky in comparison to you as I only had a cast up to my knee. The rest of me was just badly bruised!

I would still try to diet as best you can but maybe look at other options. The Go Lower diet I follow is all low carb and high protein. Maybe consider something like that while you are laid up. I would certainly try to keep my carbs down as we all know crisps and sugar etc do not help.

As has already been mentioned if you do an online shop then you will only have "good" snacks in the house.

Get a sign put up at the bottom of the stairs reminding people that you only want healthy snacks and not to fill you up with goodies that are anything but good!

Wishing you better


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So sorry to read your news...how awful for you. As others have said try to keep to your diet as you've been doing so well. It would be a shame to let all that hard to go to waste. Having said that, I'm sure you feel pretty awful (esp in all this heat) and don't really care what you eat...Maybe treat yourself to one indulgent snack a day and then the rest fruit and veg etc. As all ready mentioned ask people to bring you healthy snacks - it will help your recovery the better you eat - the old joke of a bunch of grapes comes to mind!! People will only be too happy to bring you what you want...

Also, instead of eating try to think of something else to do to pass the time - read a book, paint/draw, write your life story - anything to pass the time.

Good luck, keep us posted on your recovery and feel better soon.
All our love


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Thanks all.

Managed to get myself on the scales today and have put on 5lbs in just over a week... haha oh dear, who ate all the pies aye! Well it wasnt pies... more like crisps and cookies so Im back on my milk shakes and bars, which I actually do like eating so its not like its horrible, I just do feel a bit hungry with them but Im sat here with my bottles of water, only problem is, the water is forcing me to hobble to the bathroom more often when I could do with! I cant make the soups because I cant get down the stairs so just making do with the shakes and bars for now.

Im sure being lighter would make it easier on my knee as well.


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Don't worry too much about that weight gain - you were expecting it...try and stick with your bars and shakes, but remember when you're up and about you'll be able to get back to the diet properly. On the brighter side, just think if you hadn't started the diet, you would be +5lbs from your starting weight, so you are still lighter....Hope that makes sense.

Lots of hugs coming your way and maybe get a bucket!!
ouch, i really feel for you my oh broke his leg coupleof years ago, and he managed to loose weight cause his body was fighing to heal and his leg in the cast got so skiny, the other leg got stronger as he was using it all the time to hop on once he was ble to use the cruches.
If you tell people what to bring you for snacks instead of eating the junk they bring(it might taste nice but does no good).
Healthy foods will help you to heal, you body needs good food and drink to get better.:)


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Hi Sammy

Well, you were expecting a bit of a gain so I hope you are not worried by it.

As soon as you are up and about again you will have to get your leg strong doing some gentle exercises so it will soon come of again.

Is it possible to cook your soups in the microwave and if so can somebody bring yours upstairs for you so you can do it yourself. I just don't want you to feel hungry and think about snacking on the wrong foods....

Unfortunately water has that effect on us but we know we have to keep drinking.

Wishing you a really speedy recovery.


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Hope you're feeling better......

How about getting the soups heated up and then put into a flask - at least that way they will stay warmer for longer and so may help avoid the unnecessary snacking...? Just an idea - hope it helps.

Keep strong and motivated and am thinking of you..



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Im using sleep as my best not eating tactic hehe, if I feel hungry I have some water and go to bed haha, lazy moo! Not that I can do much anyway. I went back on the tony ferguson diet and have already lost 6lbs and thats even with a couple of cheats... a little bag of twiglets and 3 jaffa cakes spread over the days.

Im losing just over a 1lb a day which is amazing, i know some of that is probably muscle loss due to my leg not working, im just happy I have lost the weight I gained already.

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