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disappearing weight loss


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omg, i dont believe it.......

went for weigh in this morning and ive stayed the same:(

the weirdest thing is i always weigh at home before i go for my weigh in (to prepare myself) and i had lost 4lbs, then when i got there i had stayed the same. obviously i was inclined to think there was a problem with their scales as i should have lost weight for sure.

i got back home and out of curiosity i weighed myself and i had put the 4lbs back on.

my scales cost me £40 and are very accurate and professional so i have complete faith in them. also i always weigh myself twice just incase i read it wrong so i know for sure i had definately lost the 4lbs weight prior to my weighin 30 minutes later.

what happened? how can i gain 4lbs in 30 minutes.

im soooo gutted. i didnt deserve this. feeling very down about it right now
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could be a number of reasons. You had clothes, shoes on? drank water and shakes? all that makes a difference. I always go by my own scales i do get weighed at my cdc's in the morning's but always use my own. I think all scales are diff, mine, my sisters, my mums all weigh me different. Dont worry about it if your sticking to it you will have lost :) if i were you id go by your scales :)

xxxx becky


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Happens to me too! Not in 30mins admitedly, but it happens.
aww !!

happened to me too. i'd lost 4 lbs in morning on my own scales. then later on my cdc scales said sts. then week later on her scales loss of 9 lbs. i drank water before my weigh in. and in mornings i weigh before anything.. well every morning is the same.. wee and weigh
ha ha
don't get down hun, think possitive
good luck next week and just go by your own scales
hugs !!
That one has got me scratching my head I must admit! Clothes were different? Drank any water in between??

Not sure hun but stay positive!



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hi and ty for the replies.
i was wearing exactly the same clothes when i weighed as i was wearing at the CDCs house and when i weighed again on my return.
i try not to have shake or drink much before weigh in so on the journey there i drank about 100ml water (if that) so cant see it being that.
doesnt make any sense at all.
all i can hope is that it will add to next weeks weight loss. (fingers crossed)
usually i look forward to weigh ins as im always confident that ive lost weight, however i am already dreading my next weigh in. :sigh:
hey hun, interesting that as i had the same thing too today- went home to my parents and weighed myself on their scales only an hour after weighing on mine.. this morning MINE said 12.10 and then my parents' said 13.6!!! SHOCKED is an understatement. Although I wasnt wearing clothes when I weighed myself this morning and I had drunk a fair bit of water in between I wouldnt expect a difference of THAT much! I weighed myself when I got home and scales showed 13.4.... I asked CDC about this and she said....

1. Go by your own scales- if they show regular losses then u know they are ok! Other scales may be different so you have to pick one set and use it regularly.
2. You weigh the least first thing in the morning, naked after going to the loo. You are also at your tallest first thing :)
3. 1 LITRE OF WATER WEIGHS 2.2LBS (in pints that is 1pt=1lb!!) so if you drink 3 pints of water you gain 3lbs!! That is the thing that shocked me the most and I think must be the answer as I do drink about 4 pints normally before lunchtime so thats 4lbs gain... by the evening I could be as much as 8lbs heavier going on the amount I drink!

I cant explain your particular gain unless it is just down to the dynamics of the human body, but I shouldnt get too hung up on it. Have you measured yourself? Sometimes the weeks where our losses are not so good it shows itself in other ways such as inchloss and then you have a good loss the following week! So there you have it, hope that is helpful! xxx


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hi wannab,
i havent measured myself this week and im afraid to now incase im even bigger (paranoia setting in i think)
i was surprised at the water weight. wow
i guess i should measure myself really, maybe in the morning when i undoubtedly end up weighing myself again to see if that 4lbs has gone again.
My CDC told me to stay off my scales this week and go by hers but the fact is that i have complete faith in my scales, i trust them and feel like i get a more accurate reading first thing in the morning whereas my weighins with the CDC vary slightly on times so , unless she is gonna allow me to sleep there every sunday ready for weigh in monday morning, im gonna still be using my own scales too. lol
aww hun, please dont let this bother you so much- a lot of people find they will have the odd week where they stay the same but it usually means a good loss the following week! IF you haven't cheated then there is nothing to worry about.

Just measure yourself once a week, on WI day with your CDC- maybe you could ask them to help you. Some CDCs do it without your asking but mine doesnt- i do recommend it as you may well be surprised!

Finally, just remember this....

If you stick to the plan, you WILL lose pure fat. It may not show in weightloss on occasion due to water retention, hormones and other things, but if people tell you they have not become slimmer each week doing this diet they have clearly cheated. You may stay the same weightwise for a week here and there but I promise you that whatever the scales say, you are burning at least 3lbs of fat every week! It cannot be any other way, your body is surviving by burning its own fat and therefore even if the scales don't move for you one week please don't let it upset you, just remember that you HAVE lost fat and the losses will show themselves in good time. This is why measuring can help you to overcome the low moments when your scales dont reflect the reality of your achievements

:) xxx


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thank you so much wannab,
ur kind words have lifted me up and lifting me up is no easy fete let me add. lol
definately gonna do my measurements in the morning.
thank you once again for giving me a boost. :)

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