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I spoke to my CDC about becoming a counsellor myself and she was very negative about it. Although I am at goal she said I would have to maintain my weight for a few months before I could apply. She also made it all sound so negative, I have to go to Northampton twice for 2 day courses, I have to pass other tests (all which I knew about), that I would need a huge capital to start my first order and that she doesn't have time this year to sponsor me as she is very busy and will be stopping doing Cambridge herself until next year very soon. She never gave me any details, just said all this too me, she the went to say, it doesn't always work out anyway, sometimes I have 28 clients and sometimes only 8 so its not too good doing it anyway.... Grrrr, it appears she doesn't want anymore competition and so looks like my plans to help people will not happen after all.....
On the plus side she did say I had met some of the criteria, losing my weight without messing around and getting to my original goal and bmi less than 25.
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If you would really like to do this, then I would go over her head and approach the company direct.

This isn't the end, although more experienced CDCs will advise you of what you can do.

Don't give up because one person is being negative. As you have said, she is possibly upset as she may lose clientelle.:D
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does sound like she doesn't want the competition. However I thought there was bonuses for counsellors who sponsor? Thats rubbish about maintaining your weight and all that because my cdc asked me to become a counsellor a few weeks ago and yes even though have done this twice my bmi had only just hit 27 , now im in the healthy bmi bracket and so are you so you've done more than enough to qualify as a cdc. Maybe she thinks you will do a better job than her? lol


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my CDC wants to sponsor me and she said i have to get to bmi under 28 then i can go for it


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I applied to be a CDC a few weeks ago and got rejected (so be prepared that not everyone does get accepted......actually it was probably ONLY me Lol)

1. you dont NEED to maintain to be a CDC although i suppose it is a good idea to of experienced it

2. I believe you will need to spend about £700 to have a good stock supply to start so there is an investment required.(although it can be done on less!!)

3. I dont see how she can be "too busy" to sponsor you??? Its not a huge commitment to sponsor someone AND how can she be TOO busy if she sometimes sinks down to 8 clients??

I think you could be right about her trying to put you off, just phone cd direct and see what you can do x

Being your sponsor she will make 8% on anything you sell, and her sponsor will make 2%


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i would love to be a counsellor. ! however, i have read the post with interest and it says about huge capital - does anyone know how much this is ?i would contact cambridge diet direct and see if you have any joy, i think you would be a great counsellor you have had a fantastic journey on cambridge


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Mine said I have to get to 14st before she can 'put my papers in'. That's BMI 30.7 for me. What is the criteria because everyone seems to have different things?

Linda, you will be a great CDC. Definitely go above her head and go for it! x


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She's probably not really 'got it' in terms of sponsorship.

Explain to her that you WILL become and counsellor and she can be your sponsor and benefit from you as a new counsellor or you can approach the company direct, or find another CDC who will help you, and she will not get anything from it in terms of sponsor bonus...

The bonuses are substantial, if she doesn't want to help you.... I'll happily sponsor you, I already sponsor several counsellors, and would be delighted to help another person into the world of Cambridge Diet Counselling!

Sometimes CDC's seem to think that you will take all their business, this certainly is NOT the case.... sponsoring new CDC's is a great way to build your business, and also help more people attain their dreams.


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I would just go and try to go around her. Though you said she is going to stop being a counselor??? It could also be that she just had enough of the job and is projecting those emotions towards you.

If you really want to do this, go and find a different way to do it! :D


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That's really negative isn't it, but perhaps you are right, she doesn't want anyone to fight over getting clients !
I would approach CD yourself and see if you can get more info.
How much is the initial outlay does anyone know?
S: 12st8lb C: 12st7lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st1lb(0.57%)
Thank you for your comments everyone.... she is only giving up until next year as she has a bridal makeup business too and wants to concentrate on that for the next 3 months. She has been a CDC for quite a while, and when I have mentioned things I read on here she never seems to know about new ideas etc. I think her daughter also does it, so maybe she is worried I will take the clients away from her daughter, us mothers are very protective about our children... lol
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i second that
you'd be fantastic! if she wont sponser you, contact cambridge direct x

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