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I should have started CS today and was really looking forward to it, but instead I have a stinking cold, a chest infection and no voice (my family love the silence).
Now I'll have to wait until I'm fully recovered. :cry::cry::cry:
Just concentrate on getting yourself fit and well, then start when you feel better. I'm sure the motivation will still be there Get well soon.
aww bless ya, i hope you get your voice back soon - must admit ive never lost mine but i can imagine how hard that would be, i know my kids would love it right enough lol hope you get well soon and can start CS soon x
Hiya, aw babes get well soon x I was in the same boat as you, ready to start then on the Sunday night before the big day managed to get myself a horrible ear and throat virus, so I waited a week until it was better before I began. Get youself well before you do any diet and hope your voice returns soon...my kids would adore me to lose mine lol!
Thank you all so much for the get well wishes. I have seen my GP and he has prescribed an course of antibiotics for me. He also weighed me and, shock, horror, my BMI is 39. The last time I calculated it, it was 34!!! He has set me a small goal of losing 5kg in three months. I have to see him again in two weeks' time for him to monitor my progress. I would love to have the 5kg by that time.

I am now busy planning my first week's menu and making my shopping list.

PS My voice is back!!!!
Well 5kg sounds good to me, Im sure as soon as you're better and on CS the weight will just fall off! Im glad to hear your voice is better - best of luck in begining the programme! :)

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