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disappointing 5th weigh-in

If it's TOTM you may be retaining water. I know how you feel hun I've only lost 3lb in the last two weigh ins and I've stuck to the plan too. Have you lost inches? Stick with it, if you are 100% you can't fail to lose weight, it just may be being stubborn. Bet you have a good loss next week.


hoping for a good loss
2lb is still great - and look what you have lost in total. Thats amazing


Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to say Well done on your 2 lbs loss. Look at your previous losses you have done so well, dont always look at the weeks loss look at the overall picture..
Say for instance your losses were like this.

Week 1 - 9 lbs
Week 2 - 3 lbs
Week 3 - 4 lbs
Week 4 - 3 lbs
Week 5 - 3 lbs You would have been happy

= 22 lbs which is the same as you have lost in 5 weeks which is fantastic!

Be proud you have done fantasically well xx
As the girls have said you are doing fantastic, well done

How much water are you drinking?


Size 14 here i come!
It's pants isn't it,lol having a small lose i mean. I'm feeling your pain today hun! I keep trying to stay positive and agree that CD is same losses as LT but at the min i'm starting to doubt it. I enjoy CD so much more and it's alot easier so i would never swap back. Oh well i guess as everyone tells us a loss is a loss(whatever,lol)
As the girls have said you are doing fantastic, well done

How much water are you drinking?
4 to 5 litres a day excluding coffee
hang in there, keep going xx well done
If you look at your overall loss you're doing really well - you've lost 6lb in 2 weeks and that's really good.
2lbs loss is fab hon,it all adds up and is in the right direction hon.
As for the totm I bled more often than not for about 6 weeks,seem to go a while with nothing and the wham it starts all over again.
Was always regular before cd and never seem to know where i am with it these days.

However i feel it's a small price to pay to lose weight and feel healthier!!

Keep up the good work xx


An Attitude of Gratitude
I know it's really disheartening when the lbs lost slow down, especially when you've been trying really hard, but every single lb counts, they all add up. After reading your post l've just had a look at the notebook l keep a note of my weight loss in, the losses for my first 10 weeks were as follows:
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