Disappointing Losses - Due to stress?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Grandma, 8 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. Grandma

    Grandma Totally Focused

    I'm really just touching base with you all and letting you know that I'm okay. Still having my wobbly moments, but its only 4 weeks since Ken died - so I think I'm doing pretty well overall. I'm gradually getting things sorted out - there's so much to do!

    I've stuck to CD all this time but in the past three weeks my losses have really minimised. I thought it was due to the fact that I was drinking less water - but this week I've worked really hard, made sure i've had 3-4 litres a day and still only lost 1.5lbs. I wonder if its stress and irregular sleep patterns that are now affecting my losses - I did read somewhere that people can put on weight through stress.

    I'm sticking with it - its an easy option for me at the moment as I don't want to think about food at all - and I do know it works as I've now lost 6st 9lbs! I'm really pleased with that and the way I feel and can move, but I can't help feeling it could have been more! Greedy? Yes, probably, but it seems odd the pattern of losses has changed so much to coincide with a particularly stressful time in my life.
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  3. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    You are doing superbly. I gained 4 stone through comfort eating, irregular eating, irregular sleeping patterns and stress during the months that I suffered a parental bereavement. You really are inspirational and to stick with CD during this time, I take my hat off to you xx.
  4. Mrs B

    Mrs B Silver Member

    Hi Chris, nice to hear from you again. I think you are doing fantastically well and I'd definitely put your lower losses down to stress. Take care.
  5. scorpio dawny

    scorpio dawny keeps on trying

    You are doing so well, i agree with what your going through at the moment is slowing your weight loss down, your body its in shock and is fighting to hang on to the weight.x
  6. Grandma

    Grandma Totally Focused

    Thank you. I'm having a really bad time tonight. I don't like admitting it, but I'm missing Ken so much. I've been fine for days - and I really thought I was getting to grips with it all - and then I took a picture of the progress on the conservatory/dining room and instantly thought that Ken would be pleased to get the photo - even got round to trying to send it to his number - then realised it no longer exists! That just set me off and its got worse and worse. I'm trying to work but can't concentrate and this has to be done for tomorrow - so panic is now setting in.
    Thanks for all your support - you are wonderful friends.
  7. bleedingheck

    bleedingheck Leahs Lightweights


    Your doing superb, loosing over 6 stone is amazing x x x

  8. poohbearmufc

    poohbearmufc Longing 2 b a yummy mummy

    Oh hunny, I wish i was there to give you a big hug. You are so brave and are doing fantastically well. You don't have to be strong all the time, you are going to miss Ken hunny, but he is with you... always... Try not to be so hard on yourself, it is early days and if it is any comfort talk to him...x

    Sending you lots and lots of hugs... (hope the babies are OK)..

    You are an inspiration to many..

  9. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    Hi grandma ...

    As Nikki says you don't have to be strong all of the time hun. You have to let your grief out. Ken was a major part of your life and it will be hard but you have a fabulous family and of course you have all of us on here too.

    Take care of yourself sweetie and Im sending you massive big hugs.

  10. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    Chris, I agree with the others, please don't be harsh on yourself. You have to let the grieving process take place.

    You are doing so well and although I'm no expert I'm sure the slow losses are due to stress.

    ((((hugs)))) as always.

    Sarah xxx
  11. great things

    great things Gold Member

    i had a bit of stress several weeks ago, nothing on your scale. it resulted in my loosing no weight one week and about 1lb the following week. i thought that that was it! try to get as much sleep as you can, hard i know, try to take it easy too.


  12. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    Just popping by to say hello Chris and wondering how you are doing?
  13. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Hi Chris, You really are a CD star and VERY inspirational. I hope today is a better day for you. XXXX
  14. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    hi chris.
    you sound like an amazing woman and an insperation to us all.
    you are gonna miss ken, everyday, but hopefully the pain of him not being with you will get easier to bare with time.
    my thoughts are with you. big love and great big hugs xx
  15. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    awe hunny, didnt realize of your loss, just want to say sorry, and send you big hugs xxxx

    stick with cd hun, you have done so very well so far, the scales will budge and i am sure the tape measure will be going down too :)

  16. Grandma

    Grandma Totally Focused

    Thank you all so much for caring for me. I've had some good days since I last posted. I've come up to the caravan for a long weekend and that is better as I have company in the evenings - I have good friends who own the site I stay on. On Friday evening, Ally took me to see Mama Mia, the film. I really enjoyed that - I know its something Ken wouldn't have wanted to see, so I feel quite okay that we went on our own. Yesterday, the twins came for the day - and it was so lovely to see them. The company for a whole day was great too. A few wobbly moments but I can cope with that - and realise I'm going to get those for a long time. Its really when I think of all the pleasure in seeing the babies thrive that Ken is missing that it really hits home. Linsey also sent me a lovely photo of Isaac, looking so cheeky with a really knowing look, and that made me upset too as I just wanted to share it with Ken. He'd have loved it. He was so very proud of all his grandchildren and felt so blessed to be their Pop.

    I am finding Sundays difficult. I'm trying to get out of the syndrome of thinking when I wake up, X weeks ago we were just going out for a lovely day........... Then when it gets to 4.43pm, the exact time Ken died, I get very weepy. I have tried so hard to be busy then so I can't notice the time - but I can't seem to avoid it. I'm deliberately on my own at that time as I don't want to get upset in front of other people - it only embarrasses them as well as me!

    As for the weight loss, well, I've stuck with it 100% so we'll see what's happened on Tuesday morning. I've been here since Thursday so have no way of weighing until I go home - which has probably been good. I know I've lost inches - I measured myself yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised. Its now 17" off my waist, 12" off my hips, 12" off my bust, 6" off upper arms (that are real saggy bingo wings now!), 10" off thigh, 3" off calf and 2" off ankle! I'm also easily into size 18/20 clothes now - from a 30/32! So I'm getting there and hopefully this has just been a temporary setback in the actual weightloss. I'm not in any danger of giving up though - I'm so determined to see this through - as Ken was so proud of me for doing so well and I need to prove I can get there for him as much as for me.

    Sorry I've gone on a bit - this is a bit like a lifeline this morning! So thank you for putting up with my ramblings!

  17. Loopy!

    Loopy! Silver Member

    Hope you OK, I'm sure it is down to stress. 6 st 9 lbs is amazing!

    You sound very strong and focussed, a true inpiration!

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