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disappointing w.i.



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1lb is still a loss, don't be disheartened. It's half a bag of sugar!

Have you tried measuring yourself? It may be that you've lost inches instead of weight.

E x
I meant to add on here that on the plus I have lost 1/2 inch off my waist, just wish it was a bit more weight off though. x
You know what, I lost only 2lbs today and I was good all through so I was really really disappointed. My CDC said something that stuck with me. There is no way you can have 400 calories and not lose weight. It may not show up this week but it will. Just don't get disheartened. So chin up and stick to it. She said you can STS or lose just 1lb or 2lbs but so long as you are sticking to it the weight will come down. All the best chic x


I can do this.
U may be retaining water so next wk u could have a good loss,but ur doing well so chin up, well done .
Good advice from your CDC Bijoux. Exactly what I told myself after weighing myself mid week and being 2 lbs heavier!!!!

Keep doing what you're doing and it'll fall off!!
Chances are it's water retention and you'll have a bumper loss next week. Keep going, you're doing so well

Just a question, why would it be water retention if I'm having 3+ litres of water everyday? I may be being silly, but just needed to ask. xx
I don't really have an answer to that but I was drinking upto 4 litres last week and only going to the loo a handful of times. Your body is just probably adjusting so it needs the extra water. When it's ready to let go of it it will.

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