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Disappointing weight loss in week 2. Wondering if it's the sparkling water

Hello again, another daft question for you all.

In my first week I lost 12lb, which I was obviously thrilled with.

I have noticed, by reading the other poster's stories, that you can usually expect to lose a lot each week for about 4 weeks until it settles down to around 3-4lb per week, especially if, like me, you have a lot of weight to lose and are doing the SS plan.

However, at my second weigh-in I only lost 4lb and I can't figure out why the loss was so low, given that I stuck to the diet like glue (didn't even have any chewing gum or diet drinks), I have loads of weight to lose, and it was only my second week.

I am wondering if it's because in my second week I switched from still to sparkling water, and the fact I almost doubled my water intake, after reading the comments about water on this forum. In week one I drank about 2-and-a-half litres of still water per day (in addition to black coffee water and the water we use to make the shakes/soup). In week 2, I drank between 4 and 5 litres of sparkling water per day. I changed to sparkling water because it seemed to fill me up more. I also drink about 3 mugs of black instant coffee per day.

I hope I don't come across as an ungrateful brat, given my excellent weight loss in week one, but I was hoping to get the same sorts of results that I've seen others get on here in their first month, before my weight loss settled down to 3-4lb per week.

Can anybody think what I might be doing wrong?

I had my period during week 2, but I 'came on' on day 9 (i.e. two days into my second week on the CD). I tend to gain water in the week BEFORE my period, not during and after, so I don't think that could have made any difference to my result in week 2.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi there

Try not to worry as I think 4lbs in your second week is pretty normal, the only reason that people get higher losses in the first four weeks is due to the week one loss pushing the average up. You lose alot in week one due to your store of glycogen, once that has gone weight loss will slow to the normal average. I only lost 2lbs in my second week and have averaged around 3-4lbs since then.

Hope this helps.



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I was really dissapointed with my first week of 4 pounds lost while everyone else including yourself made huge losses. I lost 8 pounds in my second week thank goodness but obviously everyone is different and you may just retain water at different stages. I know thats a little wierd but it will even itself out.
Taz x


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yeah lots of people lose 4 or less lbs in week 2. the fact is...its pure fat u r burning
so feel proud of urself! let it all average out this month....you'll have lost over a stone and thats nothing to feel down about :D xxxxxx
Thanks everyone.

The thing is, I've been reading posts by people who are as large as me, who have posted up their weekly losses, and it really does seem that the usual way it happens is large losses for the first month (between 8-11lb for 4 weeks) then it settles down to 3-4lb per week.

I understand about it 'averaging out' but if I only lose 3-4lb from now on, then I have 'done something wrong' to have missed out on that fantastic weight loss that others seem to get in the first few weeks!

I want to try to take advantage of it being my first few weeks.


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Hi, you have absolutly nothing wrong...everybody is different and your weight loss so far is excellent. Don't worry about others losses.....if you are sticking to the plan 100% you will have good losses. So please don't worry.

You are doing brilliantly so keep it up...good luck.


is Special :P
S: 228kg C: 78kg G: 65kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 150kg(65.78%)
Im only in my second week and like i said my councillor was shocked i didnt lose more than 4 pounds in my first week. Its not like i can cheat i drink 4 litres of water a day and have 3 shakes thats it i did exactely the same the next week and lost double so im hoping my third week is ok.
My councillor said your body will only let you lose what itll let you lose. My diet isnt changing and my exercise is the same its just the way bodies work.
I do understand how you feel i was gutted in my first week i felt so hopeless in comparison but dont worry. 4 pounds is 4 pounds just think its better than putting it on.
Taz x
I've always drank sparkling water and it's never been a problem. However what I did learn early on is not to fill up on water prior to a WI. I know one woman who can weigh 8lbs heavier at the end of the day than in the morning!

On WI days I always kept my water intake low until afterwards.


is Special :P
S: 228kg C: 78kg G: 65kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 150kg(65.78%)
Itll be ok and you'll look fabulous too. If your weightloss for the week upsets you measure yourself each week that may help or my councillor gave me a "pound" of fat (plastic and gross) and it was heavier than i expected. That might make you feel more positive.

Haha look at me being all positive when last week i was so upset. Oh well the forum helped me so now i must pass on my encouragement. You can do it!
Taz x
FP - I'm with you on the water intake before WI. I tend to stop drinking a couple of hours before my WI (I try and get my 3L in before 4'ish and my WI is normally about 6'ish).

Going back to the question with regards to sparkling water, I don't think it effects weightloss.

You've done incredibly well to chose CD, start it, crack on with it and stick with it... keep going and you'll do brilliantly...

H x
Hi Eleanor,

Yes 8lbs! Think about 4 litres in terms of 4 big plastic bottles of coke - you know how heavy they are!!

It is difficult to cut back on water if your WI is in the evening but mine was too. I always made up for it later on.
Thanks, Hannah.

I did something similar to begin with - for the first week I asked my CDC not to tell me my weights. I asked her to in future just tell me how much I'd lost, but NOT what my weight was, as I didn't want to beat myself up over how much weight I'd put on before starting CD. But by the time the 2nd weigh-in came round, I felt strong enough to know, so I asked her to tell me.

I am going to try to focus on dress size, rather than weight, as weight by itself can be misleading, I suppose.


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I lost 17 lbs in my first week then 4lbs the second followed by 3 or 4lbs each week since then.

You have nothing to be disappointed about!

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