Disaster has struck

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by poppygreendog, 13 June 2007 Social URL.

  1. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member

    Hi Everyone

    Ya know when its gonna be a bad day!!!:cry:

    All good this morning until I got to work. Saw my husband off to work at 5.15am, had a vanilla shake with a spoon of coffee in, yummy. Got to work, no problem. A (pregnant) colleague and I had a site visit at 10am so we left 1/2 hour early in plenty of time. Car broke down 1/2 a mile from the office (its a pool car, some jerk put petrol in it about 2 months ago when its diesel, Dagenham motors drained the tank and broke the petrol gage in the process - we found all this out after the event :wave_cry:).

    We called the RAC and not wanting to wait, thinking the only strategy available to us was to act dumb and defenseless women like (which grated on me cos I'm so totally the opposite) and also playing on the fact that my colleague is pregnant, a nice little RAC man came out within 20 minutes, as you can guess from what I wrote above we had no diesel, how bloody embarrassing:doh:. Anyway after much more acting dumb the RAC man got us to a petrol station where we filled up. Even then the gauge said quarter of a tank:mad: and we then got back to the office after cancelling our appointment cos we were too late - what a waste of a morning. Office manager has now sent round an email saying that, the mileage thing has been set to zero and that all pool car users should put diesel in when the clock reaches 200 and then reset until it goes back to Dagenham motors to be fixed. Yeah thanks for that!!!!:banghead:

    OK, I thought, move on. I have a long day today as I have to attend a planning meeting at a local authority and so had planned ahead, I had a choc tetra and a choc pack with me planning to take the choc tetra to the planning meeting this evening.

    So I went to the kitchen at work to make the choc pack into a muffin for lunch with a nice cup of filter coffee, turned the tap on too fiercely and washed the whole pack down the sink:ashamed0005:.

    Someone please tell me my day is gonna get better!!.

    Hope you are all having better days than me.

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  3. Gen

    Gen Normal

    UR DAY IS GOING TO GET BETTER...............

    What a morning eh.... pick urself... dust urself off and try, if you can, see the funny side of it!!!!

    Hometime can't come soon enough eh!!!

  4. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Oh what a mare!! And here i am sat in my pj's working from home!!!

    Someone at work ate one of my bars yesterday!!! It just disappeared out of the fridge! Think sabatoage is rife!!!
  5. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Ewwww imagine eating a cambridge product without actually 'having' to..... :psiholog:
  6. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    PMSL - good job i was eating yesterday or i'd have sent a VERY stroppy email round the office and probably would've inspected everyones bags and bins!! Weird tho innit?
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