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disaster has struck!!!

Oh dear,i have totally ruined my week! its weigh in tomorrow and silly me gave in to all temptation last nite ......and had a chinese!! but i didnt even go for the light options. i had lashings of battered chicken (4 large pieces) in a hot salt and pepper sauce,fried rice and to top it all off had salt and pepper ribs and prawn toast. oh and some prawn crackers they give you free! prawn toast though,the greasiest fattiest thing in the whole wide world!! i already kinda overdid my points yesterday before tea time aswell,although i didnt eat tea the nite before so did have 9.5 points left over. so today im feeling sad,not to mention bad,and the guilt is horrendous!!! so today i NEED to be extra good.The positive outlook is i do feel like i can be good today,but will it ruin weigh in tomorrow....? i do hope not. i will be so upset if iv ruined my 5lb weight loss last week also,i was on top of the world,today....im hanging off it!! :wave_cry: :break_diet:

love to you all!! x x x x x
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why why why kelly louise thomas, would you go and do something as stupid as that! i am very..very dissapointed in you!!! damn you thomas! chinese of all things two days before weigh in! granted its been a bad week, but scoffing has no excuse! lol! when we swim this thursday were really gona go for it right! because we need to push ourselves a bit this week! lets make next week a good one! but be good today kel! it could make alot of difference! lol! buit maybe not a lot! xxx
i know mate i know!!god dam chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not guna have brekkie and i have a 1/2 weight watchers soup for lunch,and some 1 point ww wotsits. im so so sad!! but i am going to the gym 2 nite and going to be really good...she says.i really hope i havent put on this week,i was feeling so good aswell.i assume youve been good then? im going to feel likr tha fat friend now tomorrow when youv lost 5lb again!!! x x x
kelly i would have no way lost anything this week, i have been good this week apart from maybe a point or two here n there! but nothing major, apart from of course the major weekend! so il be happy if iv stayed the same, but i feel like iv put on! im not feeling slim anyway! you can do this kelly! dont be influenced by what your boyfriend eats! its a major flaw kel! i have to just grin n bear it with mike when hes eating all the delicious morsels he can get his hands on! its all for ur own good mate!!xxxx
im going to be dissapointed if i dont loose though!!i know its my own fat fault (well stews added to it by suggesting hed treat us to chinese) but its not a treat is it!!!!! its a naughty naughty guilty horrid silly food that shuldnt have ever been invented!!!!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!i have still not had anything to eat today as of yet,not looking forward to the chicken noodle(water)soup for my dinner but hey ho...its gotta be done!! x x x x
The trick is ofcourse not to just stop having a Chinese if thats what youre planning but have one within your points. Chinese is the best takeaway food :) So much of it is low points, theres no reason you need discount it or suffer in silence while someone else has it :)

Have you tried to work out how much you had points wise?? When you say battered chicken is it like sweet and sour chicken??

Oops just re read your post and spotted the ribs in there too lol Next time go for a Chineses with youre EO guide clasped in your hand :giggle:
i know,i would say about a million points in what i ate!!ha i couldnt actually tell you how many.how many is in a full portion of fried rice? the chicken was battered but soggy because of the sauce(very yummy!) then 3 ribs which were really fatty,and the prawn toast i must have had around 4 pieces!! well today i have only had 1 1/2 pts!! had a ww noodle soup and ww wotsits.so im not feeling TOO bad now,still v.guilty!! dreading tomorrow nite!!!!x x x x x x x x
aw great thanks for that advide!!your a godsend!! and im very surprized at the points value!!wow!! is that for like one of the small silver cartons? a whole 1?!!see im getting very excited now!! well i dont seem to actually be that hungry,but i will use that advice and eat some more points!!yum yum!!xxx


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morning girls, kelly! how goes it love?? ur feeling slim then are ya? i dont know how i feel, actually i do! i feel like crap kel, i need to perk up for swimming tnite! i think its just coz im dreading weigh in tnite kel! I bet u dont wana jump on the scales first tnite do ya!!xxx
infact im gunna jump on first! if thats ok with you kim?get it out of the way!! its gotta be dun so i will do it with pride!!!!! i so so hope iv not put on,staying the same will be a bonus!! im looking forward to my weekly swim tho,we have so much fun,its great having a ww buddy along with excercise buddy 2!!all my xmas's have come at once!!lol!! x x x x x x


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haha yeah no probs you jump on first then (*****) lol only jokin! im not expecting good results anyway so im sure i can put it off for a minute longer, awww my knees will be knocking in the que!! xxx
Good luck girlies!! x
thanks emma!!the support really helps babes!!! and well done on you weight loss!! keep up the great work!! x x x x x x
Thanks! Cant wait to shift this half a pound so it will be a stone! Long way to go yet but still, i'm working on it :D
Have a great day! xx


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ok yey!!! i lost 1 1.2 pounds this week, nowhere near as good as my 5 pounds last week but its nearly half a stone. and im well pleased coz i had a cheeky weekend aswell! so now i have to just be good over the bank holiday! thats gona be sooooo hard but needs must!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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