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Disaster - last day before first weigh in. Stuffed.

Fat Fighter

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Well this has been a very disappointing last day of the first week.

Here is my blog post for all to read and take heart from. Knowing how we can all stuggle to keep it up.

Normal breakfast.

Beautiful cooked Sunday lunch at my brother in laws. Yorkshires the lot. Just couldn't quantify the points. I turned down the desert which made me feel strong but was probably like not eating the last cube of chocolate on a yard of dairy milk and feeling good about it.

Then for supper instead of going easy I had a giant homemade burger thinking "oh it will be alright" then totally forgetting I am on this diet, I mean TOTALLY and finishing the half of giant burger that i made for my little girl and she couldn't finish(coz it was so GIANT).

when i worked out the burger earlier this week I made it 10 points thats a third of my allowance. I just ate 15 minimum really plus probably 15 minimum for lunch (more like 20 probably).

Damn I feel like I want to do it properly now and eat the 8 packs of biscuits my skinny biscuit eating wife loves to keep in the cupboard along with the milkshakes and alll the icecream in the fridge and freezer, not to mention the toasted teacackes and chocoalate mousse that haunt my dreams from their home in the top of the fridge. I want beer but thankfully there is none around coz the beer followed by the binging that i cant resist in my weakened state of anhebriation.

I can only resolve to be good from now on and try not to let the last day faliure upset my determination to get back to the land of the slim and infinitely happier and contented(and hungry).

let you know tomorrow the result of all the counting and deprivation.
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love it
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So if you've only had 1 bad day, even if its the day before wi you could be pleasantly surprised and if its as bad as you think it'll only make you more determined next week


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Hey! Don't beat yourself up! We're all human! There's been a couple of days this week where I've had a zillion points, just couldn't stop shovelling food in my mouth! But I'm still here and I will eventually pull myself together! ;)

As Mommy says it might not have done too much damage but if it is a disappointing result just draw a line under it and move on! Do not let it beat you no matter how many bad days you have! Where do you go from here? You can do this (and so can I):)
Good luck!


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dont give up! just forget about today, its likely that even now you will have had enough good days to lose some weight before your binge so don't be disheartened just yet! see how the scales come, and just make sure you get back on the wagon 100% in the morning! xxx

(P.S. welcome to the boards :D)


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l agree with girls just draw a line under it start fresh tomorow you have been good all week dont beat yourself up about it good luck with weigh in:D


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Join the club(literally) I had the most massive binge yesterday when we went out to a theme park..made sure id done all the rollercoasters first tho;) anyhow i was proper peed off with myself but have jumped on scales this am & no difference so you might have a nice suprise today..good luck

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