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disaster week


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not done well this week. I was on ss+ for digestive reasons and i wasn't in ketosis but the main problem was that i really didn't eat anything cause of the week i had been having.
in a moment of desperation i agreed to work for a call center but they have had me basically con old women with the jewelry deal and i was coming home in tears for doing that cause I'm not that sort of person. They have even had me working over my lunch and breaks and because of the stress my appetite just went and so did my water intake, and according to my own scales Ive not lost anything or even put on a pound but I'll find out for sure later today.

I'm sorting the work out, going back to my old place and either reducing my hours at the call center by a lot of just leaving I'm not made to lie/con people and the stress just got to me

I'm back on the wagon and off ss+ from today on, I've no trouble about that i think i prefer just sticking to the shakes

just a nightmare week.
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Big hugs. Think you are right to bin this job... sounds like a nightmare, you should report them if it's really a con. Blimey!!! No wonder you're all stressed. Good luck with the SS & chin up.



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thanks =] i'll have to hang my head in shame tonight no doubt after the weigh in. my fault, not alot of water and not having packs just made my body stop doing anything hence no scale movement. i'll have no trouble next week though, i really dont see me going back to that god awful job
Aw bless you that sounds like a nightmare nobody would blame you for wavering but im sure that if you ss this week the weight will fly off next week .......and def bin the job life is far too short to be crying over work
Nightmare job-and you may still be surprised when you go to WI.Hang in there-I've had a week where I STS and I hadn't done anything different to the previous weeks-our bodies are just weird.

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