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  1. efk

    efk Full Member

    Last weekend was my friend's birthday, she spent over a month planning her 'Sex and The City' party at her flat and I decided as I'd have done 12 weeks SS by then, that I would have the weekend off so I could have a sneaky wine or two ;)

    The party was brilliant and we headed into town after, except as I was walking across the dancefloor, a fight broke out between two guys, one took a swipe at the other, missed and punched me square on the forehead! :cry:

    I spent the rest of the night crying in the toilet with an ice-pack on my head! Talk about wrong place at the wrong time!!

    Last time I had a weekend off when my friend was over from the States, I ended up with an abscess in my mouth so the moral of the story for me is; Don't take weekends off!!!!

    I'm back on the straight and narrow now and lost 1lb last week after some wine, champers, cosmopolitans and vodka jelly last weekend. This week I'm going for 3lb to make it 4 stone!
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  3. squange22

    squange22 Full Member

    aw you poor thing!!!! You've had such rotten luck haven't you!!?? are you okay now? But hey, it's not all bad, you still managed to lose even though u had all the above delicious alcoholic bevvy's ! I'm jealous!lol! xxx
  4. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Oh no.......... you poor thing............ that really was a disaster.. but apart from the punch in the face... sounds like you had a fab time at your friends party.... and so you should you have done well and to still lose a pound is fab!!!

    Good luck for this week and I hope you reach your four stone.... Well done you x
  5. efk

    efk Full Member

    Yeah, I'm all good now thank you. I had a cracking lump until Friday but it's better now! I blamed my hangover on concussion ; p

    I hope I get the 4 stone this week too. Well done to you both on your fantastic losses too!

    E xxx
  6. weim01

    weim01 Full Member

    God iv got my B day in 4 weeks that sounds like the sort of thing that would happen to me! do you find you got drunk quicker? having been on SS for so long?
  7. efk

    efk Full Member

    Yes! I started on spritzers and was tiddly after 2!!
  8. weim01

    weim01 Full Member

  9. tryer

    tryer Silver Member

    oh my gosh, i hope your ok???
    goodness no more week ends off for you .
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