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discontinued? :(


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I nipped into the chemist yesterday to get some Listerine strips as i was fres out wish is dangerous teritory coz we all no what this diet does to you breathe!

And I told them they had none out on the shelves and asked if they had any in the back, to which i was told THEY AVE BEEN DISCONTINUED???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!


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I haven't really used them Roddy as i hadn't been able to get hold of them from the beginning, but i did hear that they had been discontinued also!!

How are you going to survive?????;)
yep heard that these gave people problems

i just used dentyl mouth wash instead of the strips and seemed to work
ive never used them but there must be a good reason as to why they've been discontinued, I suggest you check it out before buying from ebay

I just use mothwash


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah ive been using dentyl... Its good :D


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I thought we were only allowed listerine mouthwash????
I love them listerine strips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so handy arnt they! lol :)
Oh my gosh..they can cause mouth cancer? o.o eep not good. Might swap them for mouth wash now..


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Ok, so where is the scientific evidence of listerine strips causing mouth cancer???

i am off to try and find some - otherwise im still guna use them!


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